Friday, March 23, 2012

Come Die with the Middle Part

Die:Roll to Proceed from Ashley C Williams

Horror fans know Ashley C Williams primarily from the Human Centipede. However some astute fans, and loyal (crickets chirp) readers of the Dark Domain might also know that Ashely is a co-founder of Mind the Art Entertainment, a collaborative arts and entertainment company in New York City.

Ashley C.Williams
The beautiful Ashley C Willians

Many of you might even remember my last post about their newest production, "Die:Roll to Continue". If you didn't catch it, (shame on you dammit, read my shit!) "Die" is an interctive comedy in which the audience, by way of rolling a six sided die, control the direction of the play. Reportedly there are 72 different versions of the play, die rolls at various key moments, determine which version of the play the audience gets.

After publishing the last post, I had a small chat with the beautiful and talented Ashley C Williams (name droppa) and she told me about a very special event happening April, Friday the 13. Mind the Art Entertainment along with Ashley C Williams present "Come Die With the Middle Part".
Ashley C Williams, definition of classy lady
Ashley C Williams

Come die is a special presentation of "Die Roll to Proceed" to celebrate her horror fans and hopefully get them to come out and enjoy the show. That night, which Ashley referred to as "Human Centipede" night, all tickets to the show come with a free beer (ok horror fans I said free beer, get on it!) Not only that after the show fans can hang out in the bar and enjoy drinks and Ashley will sign your memrobilia FREE OF CHARGE. That's right bring your own swag and Ashley will sign it for free.

Ashley will also have her own headshots and stills from the film for sale for the dirt cheap price of just 10 bucks. Come on you can't get the get a random stormtropper from Empire Strikes back for ten bucks now a days, and just try getting that short stormtrooper! Tickets for the show are going fast, I believe there were only 30 left as I am writing this and are 15 bucks a head (or middle part).
Die:Roll to Continue from Mind the Art Entertainment

So come out see a great new play, meet the lovely, talented and super friendly Ashley C Williams and get her to sign your swag. Even better, show your appreciation for a lady who hasn't forgot her horror fans and buy some of her stuff.

sexy Ashley C Williams
Beautiful and talented Ashley C. Williams from the Human Centipede

Here's the event page

Also go here for more information on the show

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