Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vote for Shawna Lee!

Shawna Lee in a pink Bikini
Vote for the beautiful Shawna Lee in her hot pink bikini

OK I know everyone is tired of politics, as political as I am, I am damn tired of politics. Still it's time to get out the vote. Now I can hear you screaming “The election's over, get over it!”, but the important vote is still going on. The voting for the bikini team model search at Bikini team net. And I am here to tell you to vote for Shawna Lee. The fate of our nation is at stake! OK maybe not but you should still vote for Shawna. Why? Aren't the photos self explanatory? If not just take a look at her other photos on her Facebook fan page? I have known Shawna for several years since I was toying with photography. She is an awesome person with a killer figure, and she busts her well toned ass to keep that figure in shape.

Shawna Lee in a revealing bikini
Shawna Lee in a pink bikini

Shawna Lee is a familiar face around the Gulf Coast, where she is a frequent contestant in bikini contests. She is also a frequent winner and is appearing in more and more events, not just on the coast but around the south. Not to take anything from the other girls, but Shawna definitely deserves your vote. So show her some love. You can vote once a day, twice if you have a twitter and facebook account. Just follow the link and click VOTE!
Shawna Lee headshot
Remember, vote for Shawna Lee, twice a day!

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