Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another sign of the times

The local Movie Gallery is closing.  It wont affect me negatively becasue I have been using Blockbuster ( which is just across the street from the Movie Gallery) but it is still sad.  The movie rental buisness is quickly going the way of the dinosaur thanks to downloading, instant streaming and Netflix. Netflix and Blockbuster are trying to keep up by offering streaming ( Netflix) and a Netflix like service and Blue box type vending machines ( block buster.)  Still, like I mentioned, it is sad to see stores closing.  I remember when video stores first started opening, they were basically all mom and pop operations, then the big franchises starting opening up forcing the small buisnesses out of buisness.  Just like in other forms of retail.  However there is profit for the movie collector who doesn't mind rental copies.  Right now the Movie Gallery is selling all their stock at 3 DVDs for ten bucks.  Not bad.  Iw ent in and picked up six DVDs and may go back before they close.  I picked up REC, Infernal AffairsThem ( french film),Sukiyaki Western Django, Left for Dead, and Coffy.  Hurry in if you are a collector in the Foley area.

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