Monday, October 31, 2016

In The Dark with Elizabeth Mears

It's the Halloween episode of In The Dark podcast with Lord Dixie and special guest Lizzie Mears. Elizabeth Lizzie Mears is an actress best know for her role as the bitchy Janet on the comedy horror film Dollface, otherwise known as Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head. Elizabeth can alsoo be seen in the new supernatural horror film Family Possessions. Family Possessions also stars In The Dark guest Leah Wiseman, Jason Vail, Mark Patton and Felissa Rose. It is making the convention and festival circuit and we will let you know when it has a DVD or VoD release.
In the Dark with Elizabeth Mears
Elizabeth Mears from Family Possessions

Lizzie answers questions about Family Possessions and Dollface, as well about acting with Leah and with director Tommy Faircloth. Lord Dixie and her also talk about the fun of film festivals and discuss Elizabeth Mears other film and Television work.

Then since it is Halloween the show gets a little spooky when they take call ins to the show. But wait, who calls in to a pre-recorded call? It is Halloween but that's a bit strange regardless. Never the less for good or bad Lord Dixie and Elizabeth take a handful of spooky calls before taking a short break.

After a thirty second break to get over the weirdness, since I over used spookiness already, the show comes back for a game of lightening round. Ten questions in rapid fire succession while Lizzie answers them off the top of her head! No time to think, no lifeline and you can't phone a friend! Not even Carl can saver her now! After the questions, the laughter subsides and there isn't a dry eye in the house as we say goodbye to Elizabeth. Well ok maybe it wasn't a tearful good bye, and we do hope to have Lizzie back on soon. And don't forget to check out Dollface and FamilyPossessions.
The beautiful and sexy Elizabeth Mears
The Beautiful Elizabeth Mears from Dollface and Family Possessions

There were some audio problems, found after the show that simply did not appear until the recording was being parsed. They were edited as best as possible by the deadline to ger the show posted. I apologize as it is definitely our goal to provide a good quality product, both in content and technical quality

Sunday, October 23, 2016

In the Dark with LadyAslan

Anitra de Lorenzo aka LadyAslan
Anitra de Lorenzo aka LadyAslan is In the Dark

After a week off, In the Dark returns with our very special guest, LadyAslan herself, Anitra De Lorenzo. The intention of the show was to focus on the writings of Anitra but we quickly, and predictably go off course. But that's OK we do get to know her and find out a lot about her. She has lead an adventuresome life, traveling and experiencing what life has to offer. Unfortunately experiencing life often leads you into the path of trolls, stalkers and bullies. We discuss this in a sometimes serious, sometimes lite hearted way, sippy sippy. Yes the elephant in the room (in San Mateo) does get brought up and discussed at length. Realistically there was no way that Anitra and I could talk about entertainment, writing and bullying without bringing up Mr. Fan Fiction. This was a long show as Anitra is a dear friend and we could talk for ages.

LadyAslan In the Dark
LadyAslan author of Lipstick and Absinthe joins Lord Dixie In the Dark

There is also the usual tom foolery, with completely inappropriate behavior by Plumber Willie, who at one point attempts to commander the show. I wont have none of that and he was swiftly put back in his place. The dumpster that is. We also have a very special opening musical intro by Rim Wipe, titled Itchy Dixie,which is wildly appropriate for this show. A big thank you goes out to Dani Carnage and Rimwipe for allowing us to use their song. Please go here and show them lots of love and support. You will enjoy yourself in the process. And of course you can go here to learn more about the lovely and talented Ladyaslan aka Anitra. To all the baby bats #babybats, that tune in, thank you in advance and I'm sorry for what you hear lol. That wraps up this session of show notes, prepare for a Halloween show next week!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

In the Dark with Victoria De Mare

Victoria De Mare
Victoria De Mare is In the Dark

We are back with another episode of Inthe Dark, this week with special guest Victoria De Mare. That's right, the lovely actress Victoria De Mare. Victoria stars as the demonic clown Batty Boop in the Killjoy series of movies from Charles Band's Full Moon Films. De Mare makes her first appearance as Batty in Killjoy 3 and her popularity lead to her reprising the role in the next two films, including the upcoming Killjoy Psycho Circus. There are a lot of stories of creepy clowns, but Batty could lure me into the woods any day!

The show opens with sad news from the sea of Japan regarding Sound Guy Willie. Ok maybe not so sad, it is Sound Guy Willie we are talking about. If you don't find Willie funny, well you probably just have good taste. But it's a short bit before we flush Willie away and get on to the lovely Victoria De Mare. Special shout out to Zombie XXX, as we reprise the opening tune they wrote for Dead Sexy Radio, during a quick break before we bring on Victoria De Mare.

Victoria De Mare naked with gun
In the Dark with Victoria De Mare

Then it's on to Victoria. We talk about her career, in movies as well as her musical career. Victoria also talks about her training in dance and her IMDB which lists 91 film roles and she assures us it is far from up to date. Besides her female lead role in the Killjoy series, she has also appeared in small roles in the Amazon Prime series Bosch, as well as a scene in the hit superhero movie Deadpool. Yes that Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. We also take a few minutes to talk about the phenomena of creepy clowns that is apparently plaguing America. Are we facing a clown apocalypse? Or are people just really stupid? I know how I'm voting on that one.

All things end, and so does this episode, as we sign off to this episode of In the Dark and say good bye to our guest Victoria De Mare.