Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eric Morse aka William Pattison aka...

Eric Morse aka William Pattison aka Who?

Copyright Eric Morse aka Just the tip

Eric Morse aka William Pattison is one of those pseudo celebrities who exist on the fringe of the entertainment industry. For some reason the horror community seems to attract most of these “wannabe” celebrities like Morse. Eric Morse aka William Pattison's only claim to fame, besides being a loud mouth asshole/Facebook warrior is that he wrote a series of Friday the 13th Junior adult novels. Not to take away from Morse's accomplishment, writing and getting a book published is no small feat and he deserves some praise for doing it successfully. Never mind that those books are really only known to a handful of hardcore Friday fans, and those unlucky enough to have heard Morse's insane gibbering about them.

So Eric Morse aka wrote a couple books in the late 80s, big deal. Take your fifteen minutes, and whatever royalties you get and move the fuck on. Set up a website and sell your books and autographs to anyone who might be interested. You might even find a few new fans. Unfortunately that's not good enough for Mr. aka. He thinks he is owed something by the horror community. He has written in his blog that he is owed fame, fortune and convention appearances. Exactly where he gets this theory of entitlement escapes me. He has said that the publishers promised him convention appearances. Well if it isn’t in the contract they don’t owe you shit.

So let's start with convention appearances. Eric Morse claims he has been blackballed from convention appearances. He definitely has given promoters reason to ban him with his online antics. If I was a promoter I would not touch him. He has attacked celebrities, referring to female celebrities ans bitches and whores. He has called homosexuals faggots, then excused it as “just the way we talk in California.” That excuse didn’t fly with Paula Deen so why should it excuse you? But the main thing he seems not to understand, is that fans are the ones who decide who gets invited to conventions. If the fans really want you, promoters will book you. Well they would have till you started raging online and stalking female celebrities (alleged by multiple female celebs). You were dropped from one convention because several woman complained they didn't feel safe with you there. Your only defense? I'm not a stalker because you say you aren't. If someone says they don’t feel safe around you, then screaming and calling them bitches wont convince anyone they are wrong.

Posted by one of Morse's fans, who had actually suggested him to a convention before he found out how nuts he was
Though Eric seems to hate all women to some degree, other than one or two who have almost as bad a reputation (or worse) than him, his main target for the last year or more has been the Soska sisters. Every blog post over the last year has been either directly or indirectly aimed at the Soska sisters. This infatuation with them is proof enough to any sane person that he is obsessive and borderline unstable. What did the sisters do to earn his eternal wrath? They didn't call him on his birthday. Now Eric Morse aka heartbroken, says they disrespected him. How did they disrespect him? They didn't call him on his birthday. He has of course offered them an olive branch. All they have to do is apologize and he will stop calling them bitches.

He claims that he supported the Soska's, helped make them. Sorry Eric Morse aka delusional the Soskas made themselves with help from their fans. American Mary was a brilliant film, does it have weak spots? Yeah a few, but it's such an awesome movie it makes up for it's flaws. You keep screaming about how horrible it is, but you cant give any details. Now you are attacking their new movie See No Evil 2, writing bad reviews when you haven’t even seen the movie. That makes you worse than a hack, it makes you a fraud. I have told you Eric, if you review a movie simply based on your hatred, or friendship, with a film maker, it makes your review worthless. Forget that your review on See No Evil 2 was only one paragraph. One paragraph of you screaming “this is crap.” Call yourself an author, but you are no movie reviewer.

His latest tactic is accusing other people, like Mike White of attacking the Soskas. Sorry Willie, err Eric aka Willie, I listened to the podcast and you are full of shit. Now if he reads this he will accuse me, once again, of being in the Soska cult. Which is weird since I have only seen one of their movies. I am such a bad cultist, I haven't even seen their first movie. See honestly Eric Morse aka dipshit, I am more of a Katie Isabelle fan, and if you hadn't attacked her, I probably would have left you alone and just kept laughing at your insane blog posts. But calling Katie and Danielle Harris ugly, well I can only assume you have never looked in the mirror. Really you are just another Internet warrior Eric Morse aka Cowardly Lion, brave enough to insult other people but ready to cry bully and troll when someone looks at your pasty ass. Pasty ass is off course alleged based on comments by Harlan Ellison.

Yes besides the Soskas you attack anyone who works with them from Danielle Harris to Vince McMahon. Vince is an idiot (according to you) and Danielle has turned her back on horror. Apparently because Danielle doesn’t want to work on movies for free anymore. More power to her, not everyone is confined to bit parts in Derek Young movies. Oh yes, Eric Morse aka Mr. Knowitall, the fact See No Evil 2 wont get a theatrical release has nothing to do with it's quality. It's a fact of movie making in the current times. Eli Roth's the Green Inferno probably wont get a theatrical release. It's a money thing that has nothing to do with quality, the fact you cant understand this is another high lite of your ignorance.

So besides the Soska's number one cheerleader, who is Eric Morse aka William Pattison aka Gerald Fitzgerald? Well let's look at what he has done, besides hate on the Soska's and others mentioned above.

He has attacked the women in horror month. He has attacked verbally several women in the horror genre. He has attacked Kane Hodder, He claimed to know who snitched on Lianne Spiderbaby (he was wrong). He was alleged to have made a fake profile of an actress in order to claim she was his girlfriend. I won't name her unless Willie aka Eric Morse aka who cares, denies it here, but I know who it was. He claims another actress “smooched” on him at a convention, then lied to him and lead him into believing they were dating. Really Eric, smooched? Are you still back in high school? It would explain a lot.

Eric Morse uses fake profiles to pretend people support him. He claims he is good friends with Johnny Depp. He claims he wrote Star Trek 3. He claimed to be personal friends with Harlan Ellison, until Ellison found out. What did Harlan say to you Eric? I don't know you and if we ever met, you weren't memorable enough for him to remember. The you blamed Harlan's old age on his lack of memory, and what did he say to you. He told you to stop mentioning his name. He, in Harlan's words, pulled down your pants and spanked your pimply pasty ass. How did that feel? To be publicly humiliated by someone you called your mentor? I could tell it hurt, you actually shut the fuck up for about a week. The of course you blamed the “internet bullies.” You lied about Harlan for years and it was their fault for telling him what you said. Oh I bet you raged and ripped the heads off a few stuffed animals that night didn’t you?

Eric Morse aka Harlan Ellison's best pal

And of course you hate the “horror socials” named after the “socials” in high school who didn’t accept you. High school is cruel, it's really cruel on us fat kids who love horror (like me). So I can imagine you had it rough too. Difference between you and me, I make friends at conventions. I bond with other outcasts instead of attacking them. Some of my best friends I have met at conventions and you attacking them, calling them drunks and addicts, saying they are members of cliques deeply offends me. It's not our fault you have few friends, and the list is shrinking every day.
Fact is Eric Morse aka William Pattison could be a welcome member of the horror community. It doesn't take an apology, it doesn’t take starting something bigger than someone else has. Like your attempts at Artist in horror month, or your Army. All it takes is stopping with the bullshit. Realizing that you cant do something with the expectation they will do something for you. Do it because it's what you want to do. If you do it good, you will get a payback. You claim you supported the Soska's now they owe you. Wrong. You support someone you believe in. If you have them on your show to help them, then that is your reward, giving your listeners interesting content. Don’t expect once they get bigger than you that they will pull you up with them. If you attack them when they don't pay you back on their schedule, why would they ever give a shit about you?

Eric Morse aka the Lion

Your artist in horror month, which was a joke, your “army”, your charity has all been about you. Not because you cared about any of those things. Appreciating an artist isn’t sending them an email, it's supporting them. Something you clearly don’t understand. There is nothing wrong with doing stuff for yourself. What is wrong is pretending you are doing it for a greater good, then attacking people who don’t support you. If the Soska's truly disrespected you then by all means, font support them. However spending a year calling them bitches only makes you look petty. You spend more time attacking others than promoting yourself.

All of this will of course mean nothing. You will call me a troll, you will call me a “Morse basher,” a bully, whatever. The horror community sees you for what you are. A petty, jealous, has been writer who can't move on. A bitter man, who hates on women because they don't do your bidding. A cowardly lion who roars online while deleting comments and posts that disagree with you. Well feel free to post her and attack me. I promise I wont delete any comments, even by your fake profiles. Even by your sister, who I don't think exists, I think you just put on a blond wig and call yourself Norma. By the way I have screen shots of your rants, of Harlan calling you out, of your claiming you are buddies with Harlan and Johnny Depp, and much more if you want to deny any of it.

Notice unlike your blog, I used nice paragraph breaks to make it easier to read? As an author you should appreciate that

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dracula Untold (and it should have stayed that way)

Dracula Untold 
Luke Evans is Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold, the heir apparent to the Universal Dracula legacy is in theaters now and due to boredom, and against my own judgment, I went to see it. Honestly I wasn't expecting much. The trailers looked pretty so I was expecting a slick, high def, effects filled piece of nothing. I wasn’t disappointed in that regard. Now to be fair it wasn't totally horrible as far a film goes. But for a Dracula film, a film picked to usher in Universal's classics to new generation, it was bad.
"Miss me yet?"

Luke Evans didn't make a bad vampire, and he did OK with the script and direction he was given. That and the visual effects, and a couple of the fight scenes are about all I can say good about the film though. The final battle between Dracula and his vampire minions was the best part of the film. It was the only time it felt like a horror film versus a dark fantasy. If more of the film was like this, I would have liked it better. Alas even this scene was over way to soon.

That's the good. Now to the bad. Vlad Tepes has an interesting history, but it's the history as a cruel leader. He may well have been a just leader, depending on which historian you ask, but there is no doubt to his cruelty. He impaled captured soldiers, had ambassador's turbans nailed to their heads, and burned his own people alive. Changing his history to make him this noble night who only shed blood to save blood is just silly. Other stories have painted the Dracula story as a tragic love story without white washing his violent past.
Just the tip he said

The movie is full of logic holes. The sultan blindfolds his men and has them march to a mountaintop fortress? Which is made even sillier by the fact the army reaches that mountain top while marching exclusively on wide swatches of flat open land. Yes, even though Vlad and his family had to march through heavy forests, and up cliff faces, the Sultan takes the nice easy path all the way to the gates.  Being natives doesn’t it seem to reason the Transylvanians would have taken the quick easy way, versus going a way that leaves them trapped on a cliff face?

Then near the end of the movie Dracula watches the army slowly approach, while moaning that he only has one night of his demonic power left. Only one night left and you simply sit and watch. Then as dawn breaks you decide to attack. As a matter of fact, why, with limited time and unstoppable power, did you spend the night hours preparing defenses? Why not use that time killing Turks? Dracula could have organized defenses while standing in the shade.
I said just the tip!
Not from Dracula Untold

Then there is this whole thing about being hurt by sunlight and having to fight at night. Well that makes sense for a vampire. Except in Dracula Untold, the Prince can apparently affect the weather and cause clouds to block out the sun. So why not use this power BEFORE the Turks kill your wife and kidnap your son?

There were lots of other silly moments, like Dracula's reflection in a sword, Dracula's minions turning on him, the Sultan just is able to set an elaborate trap in just a few minutes. Really the trick with the silver coins seems like something a 14 year old would think up during his first time playing Dungeons and Dragons. “Uhh unbeknown to the vampire lord, Mehmed has lined his tent with silver coins and bags of silver coins causing +4 damage to the vampire”

This is not a spray tan my brother, and I promise, just the tip
Dracula Untold

Last but not least, lets talk about Renfield. Renfield, no longer a London real estate broker, but apparently a Transylvanian beggar. Not an innocent who stumbles into Dracula's trap but a slimy little dude who knows Dracula is a vampire and wants to encourage his blood thirst and be his servant. Really? Do these new Hollywood screenwriters even glance at the source material?

My son, never trust the Turks. Especially when they promise it's just the tip
Dracula Nevertold

So final verdict. If you want to go see a shiny flashy Hollywood fantasy, with sword fights, eternal love, and an ending that somehow reminds me of the final scene in Battlestar Galactica (the reboot series), then by all means throw down ten bucks for Dracula Untold. But if you are looking for a good horror movie, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a modern telling of the Universal Dracula, then you will be sorely disappointed with Dracula Untold. C'mon Universal, lets not do this to your legacy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

I am back! in some capacity

Well Google, in it's infinite wisdom, decided that my blog was a "spam blog", and removed it. It's true the ads are an annoyance but they are only here because Google, again in their godly wisdom, decided my blog was too "sexually oriented" due to posting photos of girls in bikinis, and pulled adsense. I think the real reason was my blog was growing and I was nearing a payout threshold. If I never hit that threshold, or they find a reason to cancel my adsense Google pockets my share of the adsense revenue. Now with a 100 doallr payout, that isnt much to pocket but Google has a habit of cancelling a lot of accounts right before payout. Now if they cancel at say 96 bucks, once again, one person that isnt much. But if they cancel 1000 accounts over a couple months, that becomes decent pocket change. My adsense was cancelled her at about 85 bucks. I still have it on oher blogs but the revenue is tiny. The Dark Domain was bringing in dollars a day, and still climbing, I woyld have hit the payout in a matter of weeks. Which shows Google's greed and ignorance, because with it's growth, I could have easily made anpther payout by the end of the year. After losing Adsense I went with Juicy Ads, which are great, I get lots more ad hits, but the revenue itself if tiny compared to Adsense.

So anyway Google pulled my blog, I appealed and shockingly got it back. I promise to pay a  little mroe attention to it