Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zombie Golf!

Nothing goes better with golf than zombies. Well at least not for golfing horror fans. While I'm not a gofer myself I can recognize a unique opportunity for the golf enthusiast. Now what could be better than a zombie golf fest? Or would that be a golfing zombie fest? Whichever you prefer, what makes it even better is that all the proceeds go to charity.

Scares That Care is a charity that raises money to support various charities for sick kids. It was founded by Independent filmmaker Joe Ripple as a way to bring horror fans, and those involved in the horror business together for a common cause. The common cause to support sick kid and their families. Hopefully one day we can make childhood illness just a horror story on the big screen. Just a myth. Until that day I urge you to support Scares That Care and if you love golf and you love zombies, or even if you just want to putter around, check out the Scares That Care Zombie Golf Tournament

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Helldriver trailer

New from Sushi Typhoon and director Yoshihiro Nishamura, the writer and director of Tokyo Gore police comes Helldriver!  Nishamura promises it will be gorier than TGP.  It stars Eihi SHiina of TGP and Takashi Miike's Audition.  Check out the trailer.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus was a zombie

Not trying to offend any sensitive folk. Just enjoy for the season

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Week Away

From Texas Frightmare Weekend. Awesome lineup including Deiter Laser onbe of the stars of The Human Centipede. This is a rare American apeparance for Deiter and I cna't wait to meet him. Along with him is the director of The Human Centipde, Tom Sixx. The vicitms from The Human Centipede have proven popular guests at US conventions. I met the three victims last year at one of their first ever appearances. Getting a chance to add the mad doctor and Sixx to my Human Centipede poster is a rare oppurtunity I cna't pass up.

Their are many other great guests at Texas Frightmare besides the Human Centipede guests. From the Saw series Cary Elwes makes his first American horror convention apeparance, along with Costas Mandylor, and Shawnee Smith.

From Japan come Eihia Shiina and Yoshihiro Nishamura for a rare stateside apappearance. Also on the bill are horror author/director Clive Barker, as well as Doug Bradley and Ashley Laurence from Barker's Hellraiser. Dorector Don COscarelli and Angus Scrimm from his film Phantasm. Three of the stars of The Boondock Saints, and many, many more.

Horror fans should definitely come out for this rare chance to met stars of The Human Centipede

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scream 4 hottie Alison Brie

Alison Brie
Whether you call it Scream 4 or Scre4m, whether you consider it the best entry since the original or just another failure from series creator Wes Craven, we can all agree it featured some hotties.  Veteran Scream hottie Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell return and are joined by Marly Shelton and the young hottie Hayden Paniettiere.  It also stars stone cold hottie Alison Brie.  Alison Brie is best be known for her role in Madmen the hit AMC series.  However she has some horror cred after starring in Born, with a horror icon, Kane Hodder.  I first noticed Alison Brie in Hot Sluts, a series of comedy shorts.  Mostly I noticed her beautiful cleavage.  Enjoy some pics of hottie Alison Brie and her Scre4ming hot cleavage below.

sexy Alison Brie in a tight T-shirt, no bra
Hot Alison Brie, tight T-shirt

Alison Brie in a bikini
Alison Brie in a bikini

sexy hot Alison Brie
Alison Brie sexy


Insidious is the new film from director James Wan who is most famous as a co creator of the Saw franchise. Insidious is being billed as the scariest film since Poltergeist. I’m not willing to go so far as agree with that statement but Insidious is an effective horror movie.

Insidious starts of with a typical family, Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson star as the parents of two young boys. After an injury, the oldest child slips into a coma. Doctors can find no medical reason for the coma, and he fails to respond to any treatment.

Meanwhile strange occurrences start to happen in the family home. Noises and strange shadows evolve into a full out haunting. As the stress mounts from the haunting and the coma, the family decide to move to escape the specters.

Unfortunately the occurrences follow them and continue to grow in strength. The family consults a medium, played by Lyn Shaye, who informs them it isn’t the house but their child that is haunted. The situation quickly grow violent as the spirits resist being banished. This leaves the father to take drastic steps to save his son and his family.

The first half of Insidious really works. The scares are all genuine and I jumped several times. J Larose, from Saw III was especially frightening as one of the spirits haunting the family. I would have never considered Tiptoe Through the Tulips especially scary, but wan finds a way to make it work when mixing it with a child ghost.

The most horrifying revenant however is the “demon.” Early on he is only vaguely seen and this adds to the sense of dread. In fact one of the only miscues, in my opinion, was bringing the creature fully into the light. Half seen he is truly terrifying. Fully seen, all I could think of was he looked like a cross between Freddy Krueger and The Creeper on his way to Burning Man.

Luckily most of the end game scares come form the most sinister ghost of all the “old lady.” if your blood hasn’t already turned cold in Insidious it will when she makes her appearance. Each appearance.

The film does veer heavily into the realm of Poltergeist. Wilson must venture into the astral plane to try and rescue his son. I wasn’t too crazy about this idea at first as it seems to close to Poltergeist. While there were a few creepy moments, like the frozen family, this is the weakest part of the film.

A lot of that is due to the demon making a full appearance. While the viewers might have felt cheated to never see him full on, I think he would have been much more effective staying in the shadows. The end is saved by the old lady, and a twist that even though I knew was coming, was pulled off exceptionally. Any other ending would have felt wrong.

Insidious is the best full on, supernatural horror film I have seen in a while. There is just enough humor to give you a small rest from the scares. Most of the laughs come from the “ghost hunters.” Wan is able to draw the viewer in, so that the laughs never seem forced. You feel like the family on screen is laughing too, and when you faceplam, you have to believe that Wilson and Byrne were too.

The requisite séance is handled in an surreal, way with the addition of the gas mask for the medium. It looks silly at first, but it works, adding a dynamic that normally isn’t there. Once again I felt like I was in the same boat as the family. We struggle to hear whats going on just as they do.

The film is also helped by the always wonderful Barbara Hershey. Fresh off a killer performance in Black Swan, she plays Wilsons mother in the film. I like the fact that she was supportive of Byrne, against the grain of most haunt films where the mother in law is an adversary. She acts as a comforter and a device to drive the film forward by introducing Shaye’s character.

All of the characterizations seem more than the usual cookie cutter horror stereotypes. Wilson is a supportive husband, going so far as to pick up and move homes for his wife. There are tensions within the family, as could be expected when a child is comatose, but they are played out realistically. Kudos all around to the acting, and the writing of the characters.

One last note, Insidious has one of the most effective and scary title screens I can remember. The mixture of sudden sound and the flashing title will illicit a jump if you aren’t expecting it.

Insidious is still in theaters so run out and see it, before it sees you

Monday, April 18, 2011

Th3 Dev1c3

Check out this short film from my friend Armando of Redcrow Design



Italy has a rich history in horror film and one of the newest releases from Italy is 2009s Shadow. Many fans have hailed it as a return to the glory days of Italian horror. While it doesn’t quite reach that level it is a decent little horror film from a new director.

Shadow tells the story of a wounded Iraqi vet finishing up his tour of duty. To escape the memory of his time in Iraq he decides to bicycle across Europe and visit a spot known as the Shadow.

Stopping at a local pub he meets a young woman played by Frontiers Karina Testa, and quickly falls for her. Defending her against unwanted advances he quickly makes an enemy of two locals. Fleeing the bar the two run into the locals again and a desperate fight and flight ensues.

Escaping the two run deeper into the dark forest followed by the local hunters. There all four fall victim to the mysterious character known as Mortis. Mortis brings his victims into his lair where he tortures them one by one. While not as graphic as many torture horror films the scenes are very cringe worthy and chilling.

Probably the best thing about Shadow is Mortis himself. The worst thing is that the character doesn’t get enough time. Due to the ending of the film I think it’s unlikely we will see a sequel. Hopefully Nuot Aquint, who plays Mortis will get more roles as he was absolutely chilling in Shadow.

The ending was unexpected, at least to me as I never saw it coming. Maybe I am too willing to tale things at face value, but I am almost always looking for the “twist” in a horror film. I think the ending was fairly believable and the very last scene definitely shook me a bit. Looking back I can see that there were clues all along that something was amiss. I can understand that people might have a problem with the ending but to me it was the perfect ending foe the film.

The film does have a anti war theme running through it. Some may also see an anti American sentiment. The overly sensitive may be offended, but I didn’t think it was as blatantly anti American as The Hill Have Eyes remake.

Shadow is a film that is worth a look. It might not be a return to the glory days of Italian horror but it is a step in the right direction.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Caught this last night on Netflix.  Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl is not a movie for everyone.  However for fans of the Japanese over the top gore fest/body mod films like Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl it's a  ncie little treat, but not very substantial.
Vampire Girl vs.Frankenstein Girl
The story is confusing, illogical and really just isn't important anyway other than as a loose framework for gallons of cherry Kool-Aid blood and goofy gore. Monami is a vampire, who falls for a mortal.  No Twilight emo, or Let the Right One In sweetness here though.  Monami slips the studly Mizushima a chocolate treat with a special filling, her blood, which turns him into a half vampire.

Unfortunately, Mizushima is the reluctant boyfriend of Keiko.  Keiko is the vice principals daughter and somewhat of a bully.  Keiko's father moonlights as a Kabuki dressing mad scientist.  Guess what he is working on?  Hint, his hero is Dr. Frankenstein.  He acquires spare parts with the help of his sexy but psychotic school nurse/assisstant/serial killer.

When Keiko discovers Monami's secret, Vampire girl tosses her from the school roof.  Keiko's father is overjoyed to be able to experiment on his daughter.  He acquires the best parts from the school and rebuilds her as Frankenstein girl.  Which leads to the inevitable showdown.

Fans of Tokyo Gore Police will be mildly disappointed as this is a tamer film in comparison.  It is a bit lighter for the most part than Tokyo Gore Police or Machine Girl and a bit funnier.  The girls, especially Vampire Girl and the School nurse are very easy to look at which helps.  Mizushima is pretty much just window dressing for the girls and could have as easily been replaced by a card board cut-out or possibly Marky Mark.

Summary, gory but not as gory as other films in it's genre, acting pretty much non existant.  Emotions on the face rarely match up with what is going on in the film other than the typcial stern look or manical laugh.  The girls are hot, but there is little skin shown beyond legs and some light cleavage.  One funny line was when the vice principal chastises the nurse by saying "You're being too erotic"

The vice principal is one of the best treats of Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl.  He is just so ridiculous in his full Kabuki regalia that it's impossible not to laugh at him.  Effects are what you would expect if you have seen Tokyo Gore or Machine Girl.  If you haven't seen then think cheap and cheesy.

Don't look for high art, just have a good time
Also features Eihi Shiina from Audition and Tokyo Gore Police in a small role
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An open letter to Bradley Cooper: Say no to the Crow remake

The Crow

You had to be expecting a Crow remake. Hollywood has no interest in producing original work anymore. No tinsel town is content to churn out cheap remakes for the sure profit. Nothing is sacred anymore. We have already seen Nightmare on Elm Street and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre redone in sub par fashion and even as I type the Arthur remake is showing in theaters. there is no reluctance to dig up childhood treasures and spit all over them for the almighty dollar. No remakes are sadly here to stay for the foreseeable future.

So I’m not really shocked that a Crow remake is being fast tracked. The original was a great film, dark, stylish and with a leading man who was bound for big screen superstardom. Tragically Brandon Lee didn’t live to finish The Crow. His death during filming shocked his fans as well as fans of J.O. Barr’s comic book antihero. As much as The Crow is a great film in itself it is impossible to separate from Brandon’s death. The Crow, Eric Draven and Brandon are forever linked by the sad circumstances of the film. It is utter folly for anyone else to take on the role of Eric Draven, the role was, is and ever will be Brandon’s.

No I wasn’t shocked about the remake, but I was shocked to hear that Bradley Cooper was seriously considering the role. I like Bradley, I really do. He is a great actor and can take on dark roles. I loved him in Tell Tale, and he seems a genuinely nice guy. But I can’t like him if he tries to replace Brandon.

I know other actors have taken the role of the crow and even of Eric in sequels. I didn’t like it, but mostly these were people I didn’t know, young actors who needed a big role. Plus they were not doing the original story. You don’t need this role Bradley. It wont catapult you to the next level, it will just alienate fans of Brandon Lee and The Crow. It will hurt your career more than help it. There is very little chance it will be done properly. Most remakes now are horrendous, especially when they are “fast tracked” as I understand is happening with The Crow.

The Crow is a very important film to me and a lot of other people. You see I’m old enough to remember Brandon’s father. When I was a kid Bruce Lee was the man. He was who you compared everyone else too. He was the Sylvester Stallone, the Arnold of his generation only bigger. He died way too soon. He died before I ever actually seen any of his films, but I still knew who he was. When Rapid Fire was released in 1992 it was like the second coming.

Brandon had the moves, he had the charisma, he was going to be our generations Bruce Lee. When he signed to do The Crow comic geeks everywhere went crazy. Then the unthinkable happened. It seemed like a bad joke. A stunt went wrong and Brandon died on the set from a gunshot wound. You all know the story. They finished the film with doubles and shooting around Brandon. The Crow was our good bye from Brandon Lee. An epitaph to life that ended way too soon. That film belongs to Brandon and his fans, not to a studio that only sees an easy profit. Not to a director who promise to respect it, but in truth doesn’t care.

This movie does not need to be made, and you don’t need to star in it Bradley. It’s probably a lost cause to try and fight the inevitable. The Crow will be remade, I am sure of that. But you don’t have to be a part of it. Don’t legitimize this travesty by adding your star power to it. Don’t draw your fans, those who go to every Bradley Cooper movie in to see this.

You may be a fan of The Crow. I hope you are. I can understand that feeling, to want to be a part of something you love and respect. However you can’t be a part of The Crow, not the real Crow. I might be a fan of the Mona Lisa but I could never be a part of creating it, no matter how talented I am. That like The Crow is a part of history. No one in their mind would even think of repainting the Mona Lisa but with cinema art, everyone wants to redo, to improve on it. It can’t be done. Not with a classic, not with a film that is as special as The Crow.

Please if you are a fan, step away. Say you will have no part of it. Let the project die, or be relegated to the discount bin, where it can be forgotten. Don’t trample on our memories. If you aren’t a fan of The Crow, then I beg you accept that this is a special film. You will only lose fans by doing this. I’m trusting you will do the right thing. Just say no to the crow remake.

If you really don't want Bradley Cooper to star in the Crow remake, let him no.  Go to his Facebook page and state your opinion, also to any fan pages for Bradley, Brandon and The Crow.

Bradley Coopers Facebook!/pages/Bradley-Cooper/75308920437

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Well my flight is now booked for Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas at the end of the month. This will be my first time attending the convention and it should be a blast. It’s a really cool lineup featuring Robert Englund, Clive Barker and many others. Probably one of the most exciting adds for me is Eihi Shina from Audition and Tokyo Gore Police. This will be a first ever American convention appearance from the Japanese actress. To add even more importance, as I understand all of the proceeds from the two Japanese guests will go toward the relief work in their homeland. I’m flying in Friday morning and out Saturday night so it will be a hectic weekend. Still I am eagerly looking forward to it and urge anyone in the area to check it out. Full details at the link below.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good movie weekend

Had a decently good movie watching weekend.  Saw Insidious, and caught up on some old Hammer films like The Vampire Lovers and Twins of Evil.  Couple of bad films too.  WIll try and give a review or three this week, but wont have a real update till tomorrow most likely

Friday, April 1, 2011

Miley Cyrus to star in "Innsmouth" based on Lovecraft

Miley Cyrus in Horror film
Yes that's right Universal after cancelling the big budget "Mountains of Madness" by Del Torro, has just greenlighted "Innsmouth."  Insmouth is based on the classic "Shaddow out of Innsmouth" by H.P. Lovecraft. The adaptation was written and will be directed by Terminator director McG and Miley Cyrus was his top pick for the heroine of the piece. "No matter what you say about Miley, everyone is talking about her. She guarentees a big opening." Lovecraft has been notoriously hard to adapt to the big screen and one wonders how hardcore fans will react to this news. Oh yes Elvis is still alive and having an affair with Rick James. It's April Fools Day!!! I bet I got some of you. 
Happy April Fool's Day