Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An open letter to Bradley Cooper: Say no to the Crow remake

The Crow

You had to be expecting a Crow remake. Hollywood has no interest in producing original work anymore. No tinsel town is content to churn out cheap remakes for the sure profit. Nothing is sacred anymore. We have already seen Nightmare on Elm Street and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre redone in sub par fashion and even as I type the Arthur remake is showing in theaters. there is no reluctance to dig up childhood treasures and spit all over them for the almighty dollar. No remakes are sadly here to stay for the foreseeable future.

So I’m not really shocked that a Crow remake is being fast tracked. The original was a great film, dark, stylish and with a leading man who was bound for big screen superstardom. Tragically Brandon Lee didn’t live to finish The Crow. His death during filming shocked his fans as well as fans of J.O. Barr’s comic book antihero. As much as The Crow is a great film in itself it is impossible to separate from Brandon’s death. The Crow, Eric Draven and Brandon are forever linked by the sad circumstances of the film. It is utter folly for anyone else to take on the role of Eric Draven, the role was, is and ever will be Brandon’s.

No I wasn’t shocked about the remake, but I was shocked to hear that Bradley Cooper was seriously considering the role. I like Bradley, I really do. He is a great actor and can take on dark roles. I loved him in Tell Tale, and he seems a genuinely nice guy. But I can’t like him if he tries to replace Brandon.

I know other actors have taken the role of the crow and even of Eric in sequels. I didn’t like it, but mostly these were people I didn’t know, young actors who needed a big role. Plus they were not doing the original story. You don’t need this role Bradley. It wont catapult you to the next level, it will just alienate fans of Brandon Lee and The Crow. It will hurt your career more than help it. There is very little chance it will be done properly. Most remakes now are horrendous, especially when they are “fast tracked” as I understand is happening with The Crow.

The Crow is a very important film to me and a lot of other people. You see I’m old enough to remember Brandon’s father. When I was a kid Bruce Lee was the man. He was who you compared everyone else too. He was the Sylvester Stallone, the Arnold of his generation only bigger. He died way too soon. He died before I ever actually seen any of his films, but I still knew who he was. When Rapid Fire was released in 1992 it was like the second coming.

Brandon had the moves, he had the charisma, he was going to be our generations Bruce Lee. When he signed to do The Crow comic geeks everywhere went crazy. Then the unthinkable happened. It seemed like a bad joke. A stunt went wrong and Brandon died on the set from a gunshot wound. You all know the story. They finished the film with doubles and shooting around Brandon. The Crow was our good bye from Brandon Lee. An epitaph to life that ended way too soon. That film belongs to Brandon and his fans, not to a studio that only sees an easy profit. Not to a director who promise to respect it, but in truth doesn’t care.

This movie does not need to be made, and you don’t need to star in it Bradley. It’s probably a lost cause to try and fight the inevitable. The Crow will be remade, I am sure of that. But you don’t have to be a part of it. Don’t legitimize this travesty by adding your star power to it. Don’t draw your fans, those who go to every Bradley Cooper movie in to see this.

You may be a fan of The Crow. I hope you are. I can understand that feeling, to want to be a part of something you love and respect. However you can’t be a part of The Crow, not the real Crow. I might be a fan of the Mona Lisa but I could never be a part of creating it, no matter how talented I am. That like The Crow is a part of history. No one in their mind would even think of repainting the Mona Lisa but with cinema art, everyone wants to redo, to improve on it. It can’t be done. Not with a classic, not with a film that is as special as The Crow.

Please if you are a fan, step away. Say you will have no part of it. Let the project die, or be relegated to the discount bin, where it can be forgotten. Don’t trample on our memories. If you aren’t a fan of The Crow, then I beg you accept that this is a special film. You will only lose fans by doing this. I’m trusting you will do the right thing. Just say no to the crow remake.

If you really don't want Bradley Cooper to star in the Crow remake, let him no.  Go to his Facebook page and state your opinion, also to any fan pages for Bradley, Brandon and The Crow.

Bradley Coopers Facebook!/pages/Bradley-Cooper/75308920437

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