Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zombie Golf!

Nothing goes better with golf than zombies. Well at least not for golfing horror fans. While I'm not a gofer myself I can recognize a unique opportunity for the golf enthusiast. Now what could be better than a zombie golf fest? Or would that be a golfing zombie fest? Whichever you prefer, what makes it even better is that all the proceeds go to charity.

Scares That Care is a charity that raises money to support various charities for sick kids. It was founded by Independent filmmaker Joe Ripple as a way to bring horror fans, and those involved in the horror business together for a common cause. The common cause to support sick kid and their families. Hopefully one day we can make childhood illness just a horror story on the big screen. Just a myth. Until that day I urge you to support Scares That Care and if you love golf and you love zombies, or even if you just want to putter around, check out the Scares That Care Zombie Golf Tournament

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