Sunday, February 28, 2010

update mania!!

Ok short update ( as usual)
Went tos ee the Crazies this weekend, not a horrible film but I was a bit underimpressed, hopefully full review soon.  I also saw Black Dynamite this weekend, funny as hell.  If you are a fan of blaxploitation cinema cehck this out.  Last night I saw a film called Cold Around the Heart.  It starred David Caruso and Kelly Lynch as outlaws on the run from the cops and each other.  Had never heard of it but was pretty damn good.  Lots of twists and turns, doubble and even triple crosses.  Check it out
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House of the Devil- Review

long time coming but...

there are some spoilers, so be warned

It is human nature to not appreciate something until it is gone. We make fun of the current trend, only to feel nostalgic later. Horror movies can be the same way. Unfortunately many times that nostalgia for a film we viewed as a child turns into a bitter taste of reality when we watch it again. Director Ti West decided to ride that wave of nostalgia into the studio and created a little horror film called House of the Devil. House of the Devil is set sometime in the 1980s and uses techniques and equipment from that era. West avoids and humor, twists, or satire and gives us just a straight out 80s style satanic horror film.

The plot concerns Samantha, a college student who has just rented her first apartment. Now all she has to do is find a way to pay for it. Desperate for cash, she takes a job as a babysitter for a strange couple that live on the outskirts of town. Once there she learns that there is no baby to sit, but instead she is to watch over an elderly mother. Her best friend and ride, Megan, tries to convince her to leave but the couple offers her more money so she accepts. On her way home Megan comes to a sudden and bloody end at the hands of a mysterious stranger.

Strange things start to happen as soon as Samantha is alone. Unable to contact Megan her fear grows. She orders a pizza and it is delivered by the same stranger who killed Megan. The pizza is spiked and soon afterwards, just as a lunar eclipse is beginning, Samantha passes out. She wakes up tied hand and foot and about to be sacrificed by the weird family.

West does a good job of capturing the feel of the '80s. It would be easy to go too far and make the movie look hokey, but as it is, House of the Devil could play in an '80s horror marathon and fit right in. The music is just right for the decade. Not content to use standards, he instead gives us great songs like "One of Our Submarines is Missing." Remember that one? The hair also screams pure '80s. He didn't go big prom night hair, but instead used hair styles that the average college kid would be wearing back then.
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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Really haven't seen many new movies in the last week as work has been a bitch.  I did watch Frost/Nixon and The Reader on the non horror front.  Horror wise I did catch Joy Ride, The Omen ( original) and THe Wolfman ( orig) again.  Will have a review up hopefully this weekend

Monday, February 15, 2010

My review of The Wolfman with Benicio

It has often been said that only three things in life are certain life, death and taxes. Now it seems that you can add remakes to that list. The latest in a long and seemingly never ending parade of remakes is The Wolfman. It has been almost 70 years since the original, so the only shock should be it has taken this long. Hollywood is in remake fever now and even movies under 20 years old are being made. Many remakes bear little in common with their forerunner, while others seem to be shot for shot copies. The Wolfman manages to fall somewhere in between.

Starring Benicio Del Torro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, The Wolfman is set in Victorian England and follows the originals plot throughout most of the movie. To divulge too much would spoil the plot for those who haven't seen it. I do think the "twist" wasn't really needed and was visible far in advance of it's reveal. Still in a land of remakes, The Wolfman is better than most and wasn't a total failure. To those who have not seen Lon Chaney Jr's original, it is even more effective. Watched in concert with the original, its failures are more apparent. Still at the very least it paid respect to the classic and it appears the makers of The Wolfman have seen the original.

First let us discuss what was good about The Wolfman. One of the best things about The Wolfman was the scenery. The scenes of the village took me back to the glory days of Universal and Hammer horror. Towns were recreated beautifully and the fog shrouded forests and moors leant a eeriness not present in nearly enough films. It brought to mind the opening of An American Werewolf in London and more recently scenes from Dog Soldiers. Later in The Wolfman, the hirsute villain visits London. There are some absolutely gorgeous scenes of the wolfman atop buildings howling at the moon, or silhouetted against London Bridge. London feels so real you almost expect Sherlock Holmes to pop out and give chase to the beast.

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Werewolf fever strikes

So I present
The Wolfman a cinematic history

The latest incarnation of the wolfman hits the theaters this week starring Benicio Del Torro as the hirsute protagonist. Most people are aware that this is a remake of the 1941 Universal Horror film The Wolfman starring Lon Cheney Jr. This classic from Universal is the Gold standard for the wolfman, yet it was not the first werewolf movie.

The Wolfman is probably the best known film about lycanthropy, yet it was not the first. There were at least four films that precede The Wolfman. The first werewolf film is thought to be The Werewolf starring a Native American who turns into a wolf... read more

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My review for Chaser is up at associated Content here is an excert and link backl to the review, hope you like it

Chaser is a South Korean thriller that is bloody enough to stand up with the best horror film. Kim Yoon-Suk stars as Jung-ho, a disgraced cop turned pimp, whose girls have started to go missing. At first thinking they have simply ran away with money he had loaned them, he becomes suspicious when Mi-Jin, one of his remaining girls, goes missing.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Associated content

I am now publishing on Associated Content.  Most of my serious stuff will go there first and the liger, stupid stuff to Triond.  I have republished a few reviews and stories there like 


and Thirst

as well as my nre review of the horror short  Pin

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucy Lawless Naked!

That’s right. No joke or false misleading article, Lucy Lawless, Xena herself, is finally naked on film. Xena has a huge cult following and Lawless herself has a legion of devoted fans. Now Lucy is starring in. .(read more)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Chaser

Watched The Chaser and most of a british horror film called Splintereed last night.  Still no luck at getting my hands on a copy of House of the Devil. I tried two blockbuster, both had only three copies and all rented out, and two Walmarts.  The film is listed on so apparently they aren't boycotting it.  Best also has it listed but didn't have time to get to the local Best Buy before closing.  Guess I may have to break down and order it online

I wrote a review for the Chaser, and submuitted to Associated, since I am now publishing most of my stuff there.  Unfortunately they haev a long submission progress and it migth be a couple of weeks before it gets published.  I will link to it and probably republish here one it is approved there.  The Chaser isn't really a horror film but its damn good and damn gory. Check it out

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still looking for House of the Devil

Wal-mart had no copies and Blockbuster was sold out.  Blockbuster only had three copies which was a shame but Wal-mart.  Hmm makes me wonder if maybe they just didn't carry the title because of the name?  Wont be the first time Wally world wimps out on a controversial item.  Still the only controversy I have heard  abotu the film is , well NOTHING!  The name however could give Wally execs or ordering person a shiver though.  Ah well think I mgiht try the Best Buy tonight, really want to see this flick

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lindsey Vonn sexy pictures draws criticism! What the hell is wrong with people!

I mean come on!  Its not like she is naked or even showing nay skin.  True she is wearing a sking tight suit but isn't that what skiers weear?  True, she is bent over in what could be called a sexy pose, but isn't that a basic position for skiing?  Whats the real complaint that Lindsey is beautiful and to be honest hot as hell?

Should women athletes be hairy and look like lumberjacks? Jeexz people get a fucking life. Popel say that the picture is degrading and lowering her to just a piece of meat but in truth she is doing more for womens rights than most of the protesters.  She is out there being successful, being popular and yes, being beautiful.  She can compete and probably can outsky most male competitors.  Now if she were naked or barely clothed it mgiht be a bit different, but really this is ridiculous

Sexy Lindsey Vonn Sport's Illustrated cover

Want to throw out a shout and a link to my bro Erik the Gorehound and his new website

Erik keeps you up to date on horror movies and the best in metal as well as yellijg at your drink and each month he selects a GoreHunny of the month.  This month he features my sister ( ewww) ( just kidding sis)

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It's ALive

It's Alive!!!!!

Nope not the bad baby movie by Larry Cohen but me and my blog.  Yep I been lazy but I tend to get depressed at times and kind of disappear from the workld as much as possible at times, but like a good horror monster I always pop back up when least expected.

First off big congratz and mega props to my friends Veronica and Fran on the birth of their beautiful baby boy.  Way to go Froni!

Hoping to have movie reviews and what not up and running again this week.  really looking forward to House of the Devil ( all three copies rented out tonight (.  May buy a copy tomorrow as I'm really looking forward to it) as well as the new Wolfman movie with Beneccio Del Torro.  This looks better than I had thought it would and Beneccio makes a great werewolf.  I mean he kind of looks like a wolf even without any make up.  really glad they made this a period piece instead of moving it into present times.

I just took a gig as a short film reviewer for so got to get to work on that tonight and tomorrow.  I'm hoping that will steer some more traffic this way.  About to start writing for ASssociated Content to make some extra dough.