Saturday, August 21, 2010

RIP Lorissa McComas

Lorissa McComas

Check out the Lorissa McComas letters!

Well this is probably one of the latest RIPS ever but I just heard today that Lorissa McComas died last year. Who? Well Lorissa was an adult model and actress who had done some mainstream films and according to an interview was about to give up the seeder side of Hollywood and move into higher grade B and low level A films.
Unfortunately she never got the chance. This blog I found has more info in case I miss or get somethign wrong. It's not my blog, no spam this time

A lot of the info was by Lorissa so you can choose to believe or not believe some of the allegations. The facts are Lorissa's mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Lorissa moved from Los Angeles to Florida to help care for her. While there her mother died, accoring to Lorissa she was lying in bed with her when she died. A few weeks later she was on a film shoot when her father committed suicide. Lorisa came home to find his body. Around this time she was also diagnosed with an incurable disease, RF Dystrrophy, which caused extreme pain in her legs and feet. According to Lorissa it left her legs deformed and she could no longer do nude work. At times she was confined to a wheelchair.

During this time she was reported as an unfit mother and her child was taken by protective services (the whole story is on the blog), and suffereed a mental break forcing her to be hospitalized in a mental institution. Her brother was also dying of aids and on Nov 3 of 2009, Lorissa McComas took her own life. Her brother, who lived with her, stopped taking his Aids medication and died later that week.

Zombie pin up?

It's weird I found this out today, her name just popped into my head and I did a search. Found some old videos of her and one had a RIP which made me investigate further. I say weird today, because one of her mainstram films was the 1995 remake of Piranha. I had no clue she was in it.

No matter what you think about adult entertainment, whether you believe her claims about why her child was taken, the story of Lorissa McComas is a tragedy.

This blog post continues to be popular. It quickly went beyond what I thought was a simple goodbye from a fan, to a gathering place for friends, fans, and family. It really makes me happy that this post might have had a small positive effect on people. I have fallen away from blogging, then back, then away. Every time I come back I see new comments here. So I am editing to add in some links for information about Lorissa, for those who want more information about her death and the mystery around it

Justice for Lorissa Facebook page
Lorissa Mccomas Truth

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For real naked celebrities

Friday, August 20, 2010

Piranha hottie Kelly Brook, One more time

sexy Kelly Brook from Piranha 3-D in lingerieKelly Brook of Piranha 3-d nude

Piranha 3-D, the new film from Alexandre Aja opened in theaters today.  Now I really hate remakes but this barely classifies as a remake.  Basically the only thing in common with the Joe Dante original is the title and the fish.  Well actually not even the fish as they are not genetically engineered Amazonian Piranha but the great grand daddy prehistoric forerunner of modern Piranha.  Check your brain at the door, don't expect and deep or hidden meaning.  If you accidentally find any YOU ARE LOOKING TOO HARD!  This is a fun summer movie.  There are gallons of blood, and bushels of boobies.  Including the absolutely fabulous Kelly Brook.  Her role is bigger than I had been lead to believe, and besides an underwater nude scene to melt your brain, she is also a likable character.  Kind of rip on the hooker (video vixen in this case) with a heart of gold.  Run to see Piranha and til then just enjoy these pictures of Kelly Brook
piranha 3-D sexy Kelly Brook in red bikini Kelly Brook in a bikini scene from Piranha 3-d
Piranha 3-ds Kelly Brook showing her buns

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Been absent from my own blog for a while, just to busy to write a real update, but I have been working on a script. I know, I know anyone who knows me knows I have been dicking around with writing for years.  Well this is about as near as I have come to finishing a real project.  It's only a draft, rough first draft at that but it is complete.  it has beginning, middle and ending.  Lots more will happen (hopefully).  Parts will be changed, bits will be cut and added.  Character will die, some may be reborn.  I have never been able to wriet drafts before.  I just get in a groove and hammer away till I am too tired to continue, and when I stop for a break, I lose that momentum and usually lose the whole story.  Hopefully this draft is a good sign.  Guess we will see

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

Christa Campbell as the Milk Maiden

I started off liking this, then the victims were introduced. I know this was supposed to be a comedy, but when the people getting killed are so totally unlikeable through and through it doesn''t work. You need at least one or two that you like enough to hope they survive. It was torture waiting on them to hurry up and die. The Simple Life rip was way too simple.
The best part about this was the maniacs. Bill made a great Mayor Buckman. Lin Shaye as granny was hilarious, Ogre was much better as Harper than he looked in the trailer, Hucklebilly funny as hell. Then there was the Milk Maiden, what can you say about he luscious Milk Maiden played by Christa Campbell? You can say she didn't take her top off that's what. Sorry but swapping out the skinny Hilton wannabes and their little boobs for Christa is a no win. I hate to sound like a perv, and I guess she wants to grow beyond just being a pair of bare breasts but really, that's pretty much what her character was. She didn't even have a solo kill in this she was just background fodder.
 I really wanted to like this, but I spent the whole movie waiting on Bill and Lin's scenes and Christa's boobies and there wasn't nearly enough of either. I think it would have been more fun to just leave off the victims and do a comedy of the maniacs on the road

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fallen Earth review

The world of multiplayer online games are filled with Elves, Gnomes and other fantasy creatures, but you won't find so much as a hobbit in Fallen Earth. Fallen Earth is a post apocalyptic game set in and around the Grand Canyon in 2155. The world as we know it is gone, a victim of a world wide plague and nuclear war. Humanity is on the brink of destruction and its last remnants have carved out a home in the wastelands of the Grand Canyon. The last humans share this territory with mutated versions of familiar animals and humans. You, the player, are a clone, part of a plan to ensure the survival of the human race.

Besides the non fantasy setting one of the biggest changes between Fallen Earth and traditional MMORGS is the combat system. Fallen Earth uses a system similar to a first person shooter. No auto attack or target locks, this is aim and fire, even when using melee weapons. Head shoots do up to double damage, while glancing blows do a fraction of it. Weapons in Fallen Earth fall into three classes rifle, pistol and melee. Rifles are deadly from range but impose a defense penalty at close quarters. Melee weapons are deadly in close but offer a very short range of attack. Pistols offer less range than a rifle, less speed than a melee but without the defense penalties. Weapons in all three classes vary from primitive to high tech modern ones.

Not really a hororr game but should appeal to the horror gamer
Players start the Fallen Earth with simple clothing as armor and weapons as primitive as a wooden board and lead pipe. At higher levels, depending on the choices you make with skill points, you might be decked out in high tech Kevlar and carrying a mini gun. The game is classless and any character can use any weapon or armor if the skills are distributed right. There are a limited number of skill points which force players to make choices. Go down one limited skill set completely for a weapons master or spread them among all skills to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Box

The BoxBased on a short story by Richard Matheson is a convoluted mess.  Starring Cameron Diaz, who wins the worst accent of the decade award, and James Marsters as a couple offered a Faustian bargain of shorts.  Struggling to stay afloat financially, Diaz is appraoched by a mysterious and scarred stranger played by Frank Langella.  He presents her with a wooden box with a button.  Push the button and someone, aomewhere in the world will die and she will received one million dollars.  Matheson's story was a very short  tale about greed, morality and intimacy.  It's conclusion was as darkly comedic, as it was tragic.  Annyone who has read The Monkey's Paw probably saw it coming.  The film version by Richard Kelly tosses all that aside for a story about aliens ( or are they angels?) judging the earth.  We go from The Monkey's paw to The day the earth Stood Still.  The plot is overly convoluted. This happens when a story that is simply too short to be adapted to feature length gets forcibly stretched out.  The acting is mediocre at best, horrendous at worst "cough" Cameron Diaz "cough."  Do yourself a favor and read the short story "button, button" instead.  It is better, costs less to buy it in a short story collection than a rental, and won't take up as much time as watching this near epic failure that I would rate as one of the owrst films of the year.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Horror hottie Julie Benz

sexy Julie Benz in lingerie
You have seen Julie Benz in Dexter, Buffy, Angel and even in Saw 5, but have you ever seen Julie Benz in her underwear?  What about her birthday suit.  Here are some smoking pictures of the undeniably hot Julie Benz.  Oh yeah, I really did find a few topless pics from an early movie, but can't post the naughty ones here.

sexy Julie Benz from Buffytopless Julie Benz

sexy Julie Benz in see through tshirt

Saw 5 sexy Julie Benz in lingeriesexy Julie Benz in lingerie

Old Scratch Trailer

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bitch Slap

Don't watch Bitch Slap for the story. What passes for a story will most likely leave you confused, disappointed and saying"huh?" There are plenty of reasons to watch this film though. Reasons such as the three drop dead gorgeous leads, ridiculously cool dialogue, action packed scenes and just good old campy goodness. Bitch slap brings to mind the heights of Roger Corman but with modern technology and flashier effects. Not to mention Boobs, lots of boobs. While there is no nudity from the three leads, it really makes the film work better. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see this entire movie reenacted with all three leads naked, the lack of nudity adds to the sexy tease factor. The dialogue is absolutely priceless. You will find yourself repeating lines like "Ran this in your clam bake, bitch cake" and "kooterlicious." The movie also features the most brutal and bloody fist fight I have ever seen between two females. the fight isn't very realistic but it isn't matrix fake either. The movie is fronted and closed with vintage looking stripping and go-go style pop music. The movie would have been better suited to drop the heavy metal score and go with the poppy 70s sound of the closing credits.  The story is full of flashback after flashback, and will lose almost everyone.  It's like if Quentin Tarantino was on super crack while directing Pulp Fiction.  Just ignore it till the final flashback and tell everyone you got it.  They won't know any better.  Also look out for minor roles from Kevin Sorbo of Hercules, and Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor from Xena Warrior princess,

child's eye

From the Pang Brothers, the creative team behind The Eye and Bangkok Dangerous comes The Chil'd Eye. The Child's Eye is the latest film in The Eye series and the third offical assignment. Here is the film trailer with English subtitles

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Horror hottie Nicki Aycox 2 more Nicki

super sexy Nicki Aycox
I have always been a fan of Nicki from when I first took notice of her. Not only is she smoking hot but she is a great actress. My favorite films were Deadbirds and Jeepers Creepers 2 but even the film Animals is worth watching because of Nicki. Lots of nudity and hot sex and yes Nicki Aycox is the one getting nude. Here are a couple more pictures to salivate and dream over, or other things best left unmentioned.

Nicki Aycox in black panties
Morepics when I find them

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ten Best Dark Musical films

Musical Macabre-

Most people have a belief that musicals are happy cheerful affairs. While that is true in many instances, there is a dark side to musical films. Those films that combine music with the macabre. These films vary from very dark science fiction/horror films to more lightweight fanciful films with just a touch of darkness. Here are ten of the best dark musical films, the musical macabre.
Repo! The Genetic Opera

1. Repo! The Genetic Opera- A film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman of Saw fame, Repo! The Genetic Opera is based on a stage play by Bousman and Terrance Zdunich. Set in a future where your life is collateral for your organ transplants. Miss a payment on your new heart and the Repo Man will pay you a visit and repossess it. Starring Paul Sorvino, Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman and genre favorite Bill Moseley. With a mix of musical stars and actors with little musical background, Repo could have been a colossal failure but instead is pure musical gold. It didn't perform well at the box office but has already achieved cult status. The director has taken the film on the road with various vast members in attendance. Repo is a very gory film and contains some profanity and nudity and is probably not suited for younger kids.

2. Sweeny Todd- This film remake of the stage musical about the demon barber of Fleet Street was directed by Tim Burton and stars frequent collaborator Johnny Depp. The film also stars Burton's off screen love Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman. Even though the film is gory, the gore is not extremely realistic. Burton decided to go with orange paint to recreate the look of the stage musical. The colors are vibrant against the otherwise drab colors in the film and work effectively.
Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Piranha Hottie Kelly Brook

sexy nude Kelly Brook from Piranha 3-D

You can see more of the delicious Kelly Brook in the upcoming Piranha remake and even in the leaked trailer .  Here are a few pics of Kelly Brook to hold you over between the time the leaked trailer is removed and the film opens in August.  This remake is actually starting to intrigue me and the scenes of the delectable naked Kelly Brook are definitely not hurting the film.

sexy Kelly Brook's bunsSexy Kelly Brook from Piranha 3-D in lingerie

Piranha 3-D sexy Kelly Brook topless