Thursday, August 19, 2010


Been absent from my own blog for a while, just to busy to write a real update, but I have been working on a script. I know, I know anyone who knows me knows I have been dicking around with writing for years.  Well this is about as near as I have come to finishing a real project.  It's only a draft, rough first draft at that but it is complete.  it has beginning, middle and ending.  Lots more will happen (hopefully).  Parts will be changed, bits will be cut and added.  Character will die, some may be reborn.  I have never been able to wriet drafts before.  I just get in a groove and hammer away till I am too tired to continue, and when I stop for a break, I lose that momentum and usually lose the whole story.  Hopefully this draft is a good sign.  Guess we will see

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