Friday, August 20, 2010

Piranha hottie Kelly Brook, One more time

sexy Kelly Brook from Piranha 3-D in lingerieKelly Brook of Piranha 3-d nude

Piranha 3-D, the new film from Alexandre Aja opened in theaters today.  Now I really hate remakes but this barely classifies as a remake.  Basically the only thing in common with the Joe Dante original is the title and the fish.  Well actually not even the fish as they are not genetically engineered Amazonian Piranha but the great grand daddy prehistoric forerunner of modern Piranha.  Check your brain at the door, don't expect and deep or hidden meaning.  If you accidentally find any YOU ARE LOOKING TOO HARD!  This is a fun summer movie.  There are gallons of blood, and bushels of boobies.  Including the absolutely fabulous Kelly Brook.  Her role is bigger than I had been lead to believe, and besides an underwater nude scene to melt your brain, she is also a likable character.  Kind of rip on the hooker (video vixen in this case) with a heart of gold.  Run to see Piranha and til then just enjoy these pictures of Kelly Brook
piranha 3-D sexy Kelly Brook in red bikini Kelly Brook in a bikini scene from Piranha 3-d
Piranha 3-ds Kelly Brook showing her buns

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