Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Don't Breathe (2016)

Blind guy from Don't Breathe
Blind but far from helpless in Don't Breathe

It's hard to attack a movie like Don't Breathe. It's a big screen, R rated horror movie that's doing gang buster business at the box office. OK maybe not so hard as I have seen reviews attacking it. Negative reviews based on the sexual abuse sub-plot and it lack of scares and tension. I went in hoping to be able to defend it against the anti- rape sentiment that is cascading through the horror community. I guess I should state at this point that I am not, in any way, pro-rape. However I also feel a horror movie should be about horror, and if a rape scene is necessary for the story, it should happen. Like all things care should be taken that it's not gratuitous and unnecessary.

So I went in to Don't Breathe hopeful. Riding high on some positive reviews of people I trusted. Reviews that the film was a taut, suspenseful ride, if not really scary. The basic plot was interesting, and held some promise. A group of kids break into a house attempting to rob it, only to find themselves trapped inside. Trapped and hunted by a blind man with murderous intent. It was a great set up actually. Turning the tables on movies with a blind victim stalked by home invaders such as the classic Wait Until Dark. 
Don't Breathe Movie poster and review
Don't Breathe movie poster

However, as is often the case, reality is far removed from promise. Sadly it was a great set up mostly wasted, and I have a hard time defending it, or defending the inclusion of the rape scene. I wont attack it to hard, because there was a couple good points to the film. They were minor points, and while I have a hard time saying I enjoyed Don't Breathe, I don’t hate it. It just wasn't anything special, which is a shame for a movie doing so well.

So on to those good points. Stephen Lang was a good point. I thought he was great as the blind antagonist. I just think the character wasn't well written or thought out. He had potential and Lang did what he could to bring it out. But whereas he could have been a strong malevolent force, or alternatively a sympathetic character gone bad, it seemed the writers couldn't decide and tried to split the difference. There was also such variance in his abilities. He can bounce all around his house, reacting or over reacting to the slightest sound. At other times he can't hear footfalls, or his potential victims talking. Even his lack of eye sight seems to vary. Is he blind? It appears so at times. Other times he seems to have some blurry vision. I still say Lang gave it his best but he couldn't salvage the character. So instead of a imposing Zatoichi, we get a limp ass Daredevil.

The other thing that impressed me, with no reservations was the setting. Don't Breathe showed Detroit in it's festering decay. It avoided the easy route of showing deteriorating urban vistas and grand violence. Instead it showed us what appeared to be sub urban homes fallen into decay. It shocked me to think an American city could look like this. Homes, that might once have been nice, even expensive homes being reclaimed by nature. It looks like we are witnessing what will one day become ancient ruins right in front of our eyes. From friends who live in Michigan, Don't Breathe presented a realistic picture of Detroit. My last point is spoilerish so I'll leave till the end.

On to the bad. It's true what they said. The people who hated it. Don't Breathe just isn't scary. However it isn't true that it's a suspenseful ride. It just never put me on edge. Never made me feel claustrophobic. There are so many films that got this right. The Descent, the end scenes of Silence of the Lambs, even the low budget Crawl or Die. The scenes of the protagonists fleeing in the trapped house were just to few and far between. More time should have been spent hiding, slowly creeping, trying not to make a sound.

And there was just too much sound. Ambient sound from the score, people talking, it was just too much. This film should have taken a clue from The Witch and had long moments of absolute silence. Then every sound would have been amplified, and shocking. Watch the end of the wonderful Tombs of the Blind Dead. Listen as the woman hides from the blind dead, being completely silent until we hear the sound of her heart, beating louder and louder as the dead moved toward her. That was fucking tension. That was fucking horror.

Now the rape scene, and ***Spoiler alert***there was no actual rape. A sexual assault/rape was planned but did not happen. There was a rape perpetuated but it was off screen, before the events of the film. Now I feel, personal opinion, that a rape can be used in a horror film, just as much as a murder, decapitation, disembowelment or immolation. Yes, it's a bad thing, but bad people in horror movies do bad things. In Don't Breathe though, the scene just interrupts from what we want to see, from what we paid to see, which is a bad ass blind man hunting down people who invaded his home.

What was this sub plot meant to do anyway? Was it to make him more of a monster? Or to attempt some amount of sympathy for him? It did neither. All the subplot managed to do was make our already barely likeable protagonists even less likeable. Why not leave the sub plot off. Allow the antagonist to be a more sympathetic character. A victim of a home invasion by morally ambiguous characters. Just a sad, man who snaps and goes nuclear on a group of kids. Or just make him a horrible, irredeemable character. It tried to hold the middle ground and it lost it all. Even the line “I'm not a rapist”, is that supposed to illicit sympathy? Make him look not quite so bad? It fucking failed miserably. If anything it made him look like a sick fuck and a pussy. Freddy Kruger never tries to justify what he does.

The protagonists themselves are not easily likeable. That's OK with me. I don’t have to like characters to feel or them, or to enjoy them as leads in a movie. I can even dig a movie with a sympathetic villain and unlikeable heroes if it's done right. The problem here is the characters are so typical. You know almost from the beginning who is going to live and die. Honestly if you have ever seen a handful of horror movies you should know exactly in what order they will bite it. If you have seen Don't Breathe, raise your hand if you called it. There's money the tough guy, packing heat gangsta wanna be (G-Money!!! Holla) who wants to escape Detroit, his girlfriend Rocky, who's in an abusive family and wants to escape with her younger sister, and Alex, the nerd who goes along on the robberies because of his hopeless crush on Rocky. OK even if you haven't seen Don't Breathe, raise your hand if you called it. BTW cheap ass low blow opening the film with a scene late in the movie to try and trick your audience Fede.

Still even with unlikeable characters this could have been a hit. Scrap the hostage/rape subplot and dedicate the majority of the running time to the characters running and fighting for their lives. Turn up that claustrophobia by using narrow hallways and basements, limited lighting and very sparse sounds. Scare the shit out of your audience every time you hear a foot scrape on the floor. Imagine ten minutes of silence, broke by a sudden small sound amplified out the ass. It's horror, be fucking scary.

The last thing I will say is I liked the final scene. OK I liked parts of the final scene and I have to spoil it so, look away Martha!!!! ***Spoiler alert***
At the end when we find out the bad blind guy isn’t dead (can you spell “sequel” kiddos?), Rocky makes the decision to get on the train and go on to her new life. Totally morally bad, no heroic ending that worked for me. To many times the average Joe, instead of making good on his escape goes back to be a hero. I just rarely find that believable. Rocky knows by keeping his secret, by walking away, he will probably kidnap and rape/not rape another girl. She knows and shes willing to live with that to escape with her sister. Of course in the sequel, the blind dude will probably fly to Cali and track her down, build a trap house and YAWWWWWWNNNN, make millions.

Don't Breathe was directed by Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead), and stars Jane Levy (Evil Dead), Dylan Minette (Goosebumps), Daniel Zovatto (It Follows), and Stephen Lang (Tombstone). Sadly I can only muster a limp 4 out of ten stars for Don't Breathe

Sunday, November 6, 2016

In the Dark with Satan

Satan by Walter Sablotney
Satan by Walter Sablotney

This week we have a very special episode of In the Dark with a very special guest. No movie star or model but the devil himself, Lucifer, Satan, has granted us an exclusive interview. In we talk about his music career, his favorite films. We also broach the subject of Ozzy Osbourne and the paternity test from hell. A slight detour into the presidential campaign of hell, and even the church of satan. You don't want to miss it, our guest night take it personally! Along the way we take a few calls, answer some viewer mail email. We get right into it after some devil music. Special thanks to Walter Sablotny III for the use of some awesome artwork

It's all in good fun, so no Sound guy Willie....or is there? You never know when the worlds most unfamous sound guy, janitor, fan fiction writer and all around asshole might show up. It's a short show so short show notes. So remember kiddies, say your prayers, eat your veggies and go to church on Sunday or the Devil might be a guest on your podcast

This was a bit of an experimental podcast. I am a self taught podcaster, but I do owe a debt of gratitude to William Bozarth for tips on content and encouragement as well as to Dean Charles aka Dr. Blood for technical help as well as inspiring me to “work on the content, and the audience will come” paraphrased. Recording over the skype connection caused issues so I decided to try a solo podcast (of sorts). It was physically daunting with the equipment I have. That equipment being a laptop a microphone and a copy of audacity. And not enough free time! Still it was accomplished. Is it good? That is up for you to decide, not me. It's all in good fun and no animosity is aimed at anyone. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave non-spambot feedback in the comments

Monday, October 31, 2016

In The Dark with Elizabeth Mears

It's the Halloween episode of In The Dark podcast with Lord Dixie and special guest Lizzie Mears. Elizabeth Lizzie Mears is an actress best know for her role as the bitchy Janet on the comedy horror film Dollface, otherwise known as Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head. Elizabeth can alsoo be seen in the new supernatural horror film Family Possessions. Family Possessions also stars In The Dark guest Leah Wiseman, Jason Vail, Mark Patton and Felissa Rose. It is making the convention and festival circuit and we will let you know when it has a DVD or VoD release.
In the Dark with Elizabeth Mears
Elizabeth Mears from Family Possessions

Lizzie answers questions about Family Possessions and Dollface, as well about acting with Leah and with director Tommy Faircloth. Lord Dixie and her also talk about the fun of film festivals and discuss Elizabeth Mears other film and Television work.

Then since it is Halloween the show gets a little spooky when they take call ins to the show. But wait, who calls in to a pre-recorded call? It is Halloween but that's a bit strange regardless. Never the less for good or bad Lord Dixie and Elizabeth take a handful of spooky calls before taking a short break.

After a thirty second break to get over the weirdness, since I over used spookiness already, the show comes back for a game of lightening round. Ten questions in rapid fire succession while Lizzie answers them off the top of her head! No time to think, no lifeline and you can't phone a friend! Not even Carl can saver her now! After the questions, the laughter subsides and there isn't a dry eye in the house as we say goodbye to Elizabeth. Well ok maybe it wasn't a tearful good bye, and we do hope to have Lizzie back on soon. And don't forget to check out Dollface and FamilyPossessions.
The beautiful and sexy Elizabeth Mears
The Beautiful Elizabeth Mears from Dollface and Family Possessions

There were some audio problems, found after the show that simply did not appear until the recording was being parsed. They were edited as best as possible by the deadline to ger the show posted. I apologize as it is definitely our goal to provide a good quality product, both in content and technical quality

Sunday, October 23, 2016

In the Dark with LadyAslan

Anitra de Lorenzo aka LadyAslan
Anitra de Lorenzo aka LadyAslan is In the Dark

After a week off, In the Dark returns with our very special guest, LadyAslan herself, Anitra De Lorenzo. The intention of the show was to focus on the writings of Anitra but we quickly, and predictably go off course. But that's OK we do get to know her and find out a lot about her. She has lead an adventuresome life, traveling and experiencing what life has to offer. Unfortunately experiencing life often leads you into the path of trolls, stalkers and bullies. We discuss this in a sometimes serious, sometimes lite hearted way, sippy sippy. Yes the elephant in the room (in San Mateo) does get brought up and discussed at length. Realistically there was no way that Anitra and I could talk about entertainment, writing and bullying without bringing up Mr. Fan Fiction. This was a long show as Anitra is a dear friend and we could talk for ages.

LadyAslan In the Dark
LadyAslan author of Lipstick and Absinthe joins Lord Dixie In the Dark

There is also the usual tom foolery, with completely inappropriate behavior by Plumber Willie, who at one point attempts to commander the show. I wont have none of that and he was swiftly put back in his place. The dumpster that is. We also have a very special opening musical intro by Rim Wipe, titled Itchy Dixie,which is wildly appropriate for this show. A big thank you goes out to Dani Carnage and Rimwipe for allowing us to use their song. Please go here and show them lots of love and support. You will enjoy yourself in the process. And of course you can go here to learn more about the lovely and talented Ladyaslan aka Anitra. To all the baby bats #babybats, that tune in, thank you in advance and I'm sorry for what you hear lol. That wraps up this session of show notes, prepare for a Halloween show next week!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

In the Dark with Victoria De Mare

Victoria De Mare
Victoria De Mare is In the Dark

We are back with another episode of Inthe Dark, this week with special guest Victoria De Mare. That's right, the lovely actress Victoria De Mare. Victoria stars as the demonic clown Batty Boop in the Killjoy series of movies from Charles Band's Full Moon Films. De Mare makes her first appearance as Batty in Killjoy 3 and her popularity lead to her reprising the role in the next two films, including the upcoming Killjoy Psycho Circus. There are a lot of stories of creepy clowns, but Batty could lure me into the woods any day!

The show opens with sad news from the sea of Japan regarding Sound Guy Willie. Ok maybe not so sad, it is Sound Guy Willie we are talking about. If you don't find Willie funny, well you probably just have good taste. But it's a short bit before we flush Willie away and get on to the lovely Victoria De Mare. Special shout out to Zombie XXX, as we reprise the opening tune they wrote for Dead Sexy Radio, during a quick break before we bring on Victoria De Mare.

Victoria De Mare naked with gun
In the Dark with Victoria De Mare

Then it's on to Victoria. We talk about her career, in movies as well as her musical career. Victoria also talks about her training in dance and her IMDB which lists 91 film roles and she assures us it is far from up to date. Besides her female lead role in the Killjoy series, she has also appeared in small roles in the Amazon Prime series Bosch, as well as a scene in the hit superhero movie Deadpool. Yes that Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. We also take a few minutes to talk about the phenomena of creepy clowns that is apparently plaguing America. Are we facing a clown apocalypse? Or are people just really stupid? I know how I'm voting on that one.

All things end, and so does this episode, as we sign off to this episode of In the Dark and say good bye to our guest Victoria De Mare.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

In the Dark with Hannah Elizabeth Smith

Hannah Elizabeth Smith of Baphomet
Hannah Elizabeth Smith star of Baphomet

Welcome back to the long over due second episode of In the Dark. Yes it has been a while but your ever loveable Lord Dixie is back with another episode. This week Dixie aka Allen is joined by special guest Hannah Elizabeth Smith. Hannah is a young, upcoming actor of both stage and screen from North Carolina. She has played the role of Carrie White in Carrie the musical, and Lady McBeth on stage. She is also the lead in the upcoming horror movie Baphomet. If you haven't been paying attention, Baphomet is the story of Hannah (played by Hannah Elizabeth Smith), a beautiful, sociopathic serial killer prowling the East Coast for victims. The project is still in the fund raising stage if you want to help out go here.

Lord Dixie even did a small write up for House of Tortured Souls, but Hannah will give us even more of the low down on the project. We will also talk about her other projects past, present and future, especially her role as Carrie White and upcoming Average Joe. Along with all this Hannah fills us in a bit on the state of the film industry in North Carolina after the loss of the tax incentives for film makers. Then the conversation turns south as they tackle the subject of the dick pic. What is the reasoning and logic of the dick pic? You might find out, or you might just shake your head.

Sadly the episode begins with the unwarranted and unwanted return of Sound Guy Willie. Who out there doesn't love Willie? Almost everyone apparently, Still he's back for his own brand of un-funny comedy. Still what can you do? We couldn't find a better bit in time for the show. It's OK if you just skip over him, we all want to skip past him.

But enjoy the conversation with Hannah Elizabeth Smith and keep an eye out for Baphomet.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

In The Dark with Leah Wiseman

Leah Wiseman
Leah Wiseman from Family Possessions

Welcome to the first episode of In The Dark, with your host Lord Dixie and special guest Leah Wiseman.
Leah is an actress who can be seen now in the horror movie Dollface (originally titles Dorchester's Revenge the Return of Crinoline Head) and will soon be seen in the paranormal slasher Family Possessions. Family Possessions is directed by Tommy Faircloth (Who also directed Dollface)
The show opens with a remix of Tito and Tarantula's After Dark, (https://soundcloud.com/eko911/tito-tarantula-after-dark) used under creative commons.
Then Lord Dixie opens the show and introduces his comedic (well kind of) foil Sound Guy Willie. What is Willie up to in the corner? Do we really want to know?
After we have had more than enough of Willie theres a short musical break and at roughly 6:25 seconds Dixie welcomes Leah Wiseman to In The Dark.
The lovely Leah Wiseman of Dollface and Family Possessions
Leah Wiseman

They discuss Dollman, Family Possessions, horror conventions and random stuff, including the all important question, "Is Lizzie Mears nicer than her character in Dollface?"
Then another small break and we say fare well to Leah

In the Dark Podcast with Leah Wiseman

In The Dark's Leah Wiseman in Family Possessions movie poster
Leah Wiseman in Family Possessions
So the cat's out of the bag. I have decided to start a new podcast, In the Dark. Actually I have been planning and dreaming of this for quiet awhile but now it has come to fruition. Our first episode of In The Dark will go live in just a few days, featuring our very first guest, actress Leah Wiseman,

If you aren't familiar with Leah Wiseman, you can watch her on the film Dollface from director Tommy Faircloth and Horse Creek Productions. You can also see Leah in the horror film Dismembering Christmas and especially in the upcoming Supernatural slasher film Family Possessions, also from Horse Creek Productions.

In our conversation with Leah, we will talk about her roles in both Dollface, and Family Possessions, what it's like to work with director Tommy Faircloth. We will also talk a little about horror conventions and whatever else comes to mind.

Along with our conversation with Leah, In The Dark will also introduce our favoite punching bag, and all around royal ego case, Sound Guy Willie. Sound Guy Willie will supposedly be running the soundboard and helping with audio quality. However who knows what Willie will actually be doing in that dark corner... Do we really want to know?

This is the first episode of In The Dark, but it wont be the last. The first show is in the can, much like Sound Guy Willie's writing career, and just waiting to uploaded. The actual Podcast will be available on Dead Sexy Radio at Deadsexyradio.com. We will link to it from this site as well, and hope you will take the time to check it out.
Leah Wiseman first guest on In the Dark

Upcoming guests will include celebrities, and non celebs who have an interestsign story. We hope to have a show that is both interesting and entertaining. With your support we can grow, we can get bigger guests, and bring back guests for more fun. But first off, lets get ready to give a big welcome to Leah Wiseman In The Dark, courtesy of Dead Sexy Radio and Lord Dixie's Dark Domain.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eli Roth's Clown

Eli Roth's Clown is a demonic nightmare
No Bozo, all blood on Clown
If it seems it has taken forever for Eli Roth's Clown to make it to the big screen, well it hasn't but it has been a few years, The film, about a man possessed by a demonic clown suit, was actually filmed way back in 2012. You know back when we all thought Donald Trump running for President was just a joke. Those were simpler, more innocent times. But now, Clown, bearing a 2014 release date is finally, actually available in the U.S. on VoD, almost four years after filming.

There has been buzz about Clown for the last several years, no doubt helped by the attachment of Roth's name as producer. But the film is good enough to stand  on it's own, and honestly is better than most of Roth's work in my opinion. Clown was directed by  Jon Watts, who resists the urge to add comedy to a dark film (pay attention Eli), and make no mistake Clown is a dark film.

Clowns have always inhabited that weird place in out lives and culture. On the surface, happy, funny beings meant to make us laugh.  Yet the truth is, Clowns are also scary as shit. Kids know this, adults know this and film makers know this fact. There's just something about that painted on smile that never seems sincere. Watts takes that deep seated fear and externalizes it in Clown.

In Clown,  Kent (Andy Powers) a loving, and hard working father is running late for his son's birthday party. Adding stress to the hectic day, he's just informed the clown he booked can't make it. Luckily he comes across a decrepit old clown suit in the closet of the house he's remodeling. In order to not disappoint his son he fatefully puts on the suit. Unbeknownst to him it's not actually a clown suit but the skin of an ancient demon. A demon that has a taste for children.
Peter Stormare finds bloody remains from Eli Roth's Clown
Peter Stormare finds left overs from the clown

Any time you throw kids into a horror mix, it can go to dark places. Normally filmmakers shy away from harming kids in films. It may be alluded to, but it's never really seen.  Clown doesn't shy away. You do see actual child deaths, so sensitive people should beware. The more graphic kills are kept off screen but you see the bloody consequences, and you know fully what's going on,
Pennywise, the clown from It
Don't look so sad Pennywise, we're still terrified of you

If the death and cannibalism of kids wasn't enough, the film is even darker by the fact no one involved really deserved their fate.  Kent is honestly a decent guy. We don't see him ignoring his kid, cheating on his wife, or any major hubris. He seems to genuinely love his family and wants to take care of them, His only minor flaw I could possibly point at was, did he steal the clown suit? But it was in a house, the owner was dead, and it was being remolded for sale. It would have definitely been tossed in the trash bin if he hadn't decided to wear it. No, Kent was just an innocent, a nice guy who stumbled onto an evil presence and was taken over by it. That, to me, makes Clown much scarier.

The film hints and feints at going to even darker places before pulling back to a safer ending. The final fate of the clown was perhaps the weakest part of the story. It was definitely the lighter of several possible endings, basically re-enforcing what Kent was told at the beginning, there's no real escape, On a last note the effects team did a great job on the clown make up. They manage to create a creature that looks nothing like a human being. We watch as Kent goes from a goofy looking clown to something ancient and sinister.

Before the horror starts in the clown
A rare light moment from The Clown

Clown also stars Laura Allen (From Within) as Kent's wife and Peter Stormare (Dylan Dog:Dead of Night) as Karlsson, a man who has a connection to the suit, and might know a way out, Director Jon Watts is next slated to direct the Marvel and Sony collaboration Spiderman: Homecoming. If Clown is any indication spidey fans should be in for a damn good time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Marie Laveau, shes the subject of rumors, mysteries, of comic books, horror movies and television series. I can't remember when I first heard her name. I grew up a fan of comics and horror movies. To some extent Marie has always been with me. Lately Marie Laveau has become even more widespread, with a fictionalized version of her starring on the television series American Horror Story: Coven.
Marie Laveau
Marie Laveau

Coven the third season of American Horror Story was set in the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. To not have Marie a part of the show would almost be a slight. However people of New Orleans, people who live with her legacy weren't that happy with her portrayal. It's not that Angela Basset didn't do a good job with the role itself, but more the way Marie Laveau was presented. American Horror Story took the worst of the stories and rumors and amplified them. Their voodoo priestess was a sadistic murderer and baby killer. While there is a lot of mystery about Marie's life, and death, this scenario seems far from the truth.
St. Louis Cathedral from the Mississippi River
St. Louis Cathedral in the New Orleans French Quarter, home of Marie Laveau

True, not a lot is known about Marie Laveau, and a lot of what we thought we knew, is often brought into question. So when talking about her, always realize it could be true, only part of the truth or legend. What we know, or believe as of now, is that Marie was born the daughter of Charles Laveau (or Laveaux) and Margeurite. Marguerite was the daughter of a freed slave, and Charles, according to different sources was either a wealthy white plantation owner, a free person of color, or even the fifth mayor of New Orleans. The fifth mayor of New Orleans was named Charles Laveau Trudeau, so it's easy to see where some would claim him to be Marie's father, but it's likely not true. In fact the free person of color seems most likely.

In 1819 Marie Laveau married Jacques Paris, in a ceremony that was believed performed by Father Antonio de Sedella, who is also known as Pere Antonio. No one knows exactly what happened to Jacque, but he disappeared and was believed to have died (at this point, several hundred years later it is pretty safe to say he has passed away), and Marie became officially known as the Widow Paris. While it is believed the couple had no children that survived, one of Marie's daughters at times used the surname Paris.

After her marriage ended, Marie became he mistress of Christophe Glapion, a white veteran of the Battle of New Orleans. Marie stayed with Glapion until his death in 1885, and reported never took another male companion after his death. The couple reportedly had between 7 and 15 children in their 30 years, and descendants of the couple are still alive today. Their first child, widely known as Marie II was born in 1827. Legends said she looked very much like her mother, and many think this contributed to the legends of Marie. When She walked the streets of the French Quarter, were the people seeing Marie II, or her ageless mother, kept vital by the black arts.

Most of Marie's involvement with Voodoo is rumor and conjecture. She is believed to have been a successful hairdresser and to have gained information from her wealthy clients that aided her Voodoo practice. She regularly held ceremonies and performed on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, or was that her daughter Marie II? Almost everyone agrees that while being the High Priestess of New Orleans, she was also a devout catholic. Local guides will tell you she attended Mass every day.
House from American Horror Story: Coven with Marie Laveau
The Coven house from American Horror Story: Coven, which featured a version of Marie Laveau

She is also credited with healing and lending aid to victims of the many Yellow Fever outbreaks alongside Pere Antonio. When most New Orleanians of the time tried to avoid the sick and dying, these two took them in and cared for them. Unlike her character in American Horror Story:Coven, Marie, at least according to locals voodoo practitioners,used her voodoo for healing and good, not evil. She is revered almost as a saint to many in New Orleans. It's believed in the later part of her life she turned away from voodoo, more fully embracing the catholic faith. She continued in her charitable doings. Over her life she took in indigents and orphans, feeding them and giving them a home if needed. She even allowed those with no place to be buried, find final rest in the Glapion family crypt. There they lay alongside her beloved Christophe, her children and eventually Marie herself.

In 1881 Marie Laveau passed away, peacefully in her sleep in her home on St. Anne street in New Orleans. She was buried in St Louis Cemetery #1 with a traditional catholic ceremony. You can visit her tomb now, with a tour, the cemetery is closed to non licensed tour groups die to vandalism. A lot of the vandalism, unfortunately involves the tomb of Marie itself. Vandals have taken to desecrating the tomb with X's as a way of contacting Marie, as well as spray painting the tomb. Please don't do this. It's disrespectful, it's callous and it's very illegal. Beyond showing disrespect to the dead it can actually damage the tomb.
tomb of Marie Laveau
Final Resting place of Marie Laveau

So who was Marie Laveau, beyond the fact that she was the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. It kind of depends on who you ask. New Orleans locals for the most part see her as a kind woman, a loving mother and devout catholic. Still some whisper there was a darker side. No one will ever know for sure, but it's almost certain her legacy as an evil person was highly inflated, by Hollywood, and those who didn't understand Voodoo. Her generous side is likely inflated to some extend as well, like I said, the real truth is only known by the dead themselves.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Days of the Dead Atlanta part 2

The second part of my photos from the Days of the Dead Atlanta. Plan on uploading more convention photos this week if I get the chance. Thanks for viewing
Leatherface Dan Yeager
Dan Yeager from Texas Chainsaw 3-D

They Live's Keith David
Keith David of They Live, The Thing, Pitch Black and Requiem for a Dream, among others

Jason Voorhees Derek Mears
Derek Mears from Friday the 13th

Stacey Dixon
Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention's Stacey Dixon

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Days of the Dead Atlanta 2014

More blast from the past convention photos. This time from  Days of the Dead Atlanta back in 2014, The special guest headliners were Damien Echols, of West Memphis Three fame, and Tara Reid, of Tara Reid fame.

Damien Echols held a meet and greet and Q and A, and it was definitely worth the ticket price. Growing up close to Memphis in the 80s and 90s, I was all to aware of the West Memphis Three. Being one of those people who don't fit in with the conservative Christians of the deep south, I am acutely aware of how outcasts are treated. Basically I was excited about the chance to meet and talk with Damien, and to hear him talk. I wasn't disappointed.
Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three
Damien Echols

Damien Echols at Days of the Dead
Autographed Damien Echols poster

 West Memphis Three's Damien Echols al
Damien Echols and Me at Days of the Dead Atlanta

I wont lie I was also excited to meet Tara Reid. She's a real cutie and everyone knows her. The lines weren't horribly long, and she was incredibly sweet and generous
Tara Reid
Me and Tara Reid at Days of the Dead Atlanta

There were a lot of other celebs that I was able to meet as well. I will add those photos in another blog post. Hopefully I will get it up in the next day or two. Till then 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ya'll Motherfuckers need Deadpool.

The truth hurts, but ya'll motherfuckers need Deadpool. Yep Deadpool the surprise (to Hollywood bigwigs anyway) hit starring Ryan Reynolds is coming to Blu Ray and DVD really soon.  May 10th real soon, and there's no reason to wait when you can pre-order your copy today.

Do not be the last person on your block to own a copy. Hell even pre-order bragging rights are worth it. If you are a total loser and didn't catch Deadpool in the theater here is a way to regain some small semblance of manhood.  Order now, it will get you laid!

Have you ordered yet? Fuck it guy! What the hell, click the link already! The merc with a mouth demands it!

Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Deadpool is shocked you haven't pre-ordered his movie yet

OK, OK so you haven't seen it and want to know why you should. In short, Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson, who is anything but your typical dude. He's a wise cracking mercenary, with maybe the faintest bit of morals. He falls in love and as his luck would have it, finds out soon after that he is dying with cancer.

He accepts a shadowy proposal that could save his life, or kill him. But if he lives he just might have super powers. He does live, but is horribly scarred, He also gains virtual immortality, rapid healing, and maybe just a touch of insanity. Deadpool is born. He sets out on a mission to save his love, and gain revenge on the people who lied to him. Along the way Deadpool leaves a trail of bodies as he tracks down the evil Francis. Yup. He also runs into a couple of X-men and a giant ship that is definitely NOT a SHIELD Helicarrier. (Hey MCU!)

Have I sold you yet? Yes? No? What the hell just buy a copy. You're going to any way eventually.  In all seriousness, Deadpool is one of the best comic based movies in recent years, maybe ever. I'm counting those MCU and webslinger movies too (the Raimi ones), Check out Deadpool, you wont be disappointed.

Go here, buy Deadpool today

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horrorhound Indy 2014

Yeah, I have been slacking. Going to try and catch up with my con photos since they always seem to be a popular subject. These photos were taken in 2014 at the Indianapolis Horrorhound weekend. I went with my friend Robin, and our main goal was to meet Mads Mikkelson. If you aren't familiar, Mads played Hannibal Lector on NBCs Hannibal for three seasons.

Apparently Hannibal is now dead, although it's fans still hold out hope, a dwindling hope maybe but still hope that the show might return in some form, some day. But whatever the fate of the show, at least we got to meet the devil himself, Hannibal the cannibal.

Of course, if you aren't familiar with Hannibal as portrayed by Mads Mikkelson the first thing you should do is GET FAMILIAR. The series is available on Amazon Prime as well as on DVD and Blu Ray formats. If you watch through to the second season finale, I doubt you will ever see anyone other than Mads as Hannibal Lector.

I didn't meet many other celebs there, but I did meet the beautiful Sheryl Lee, who many will remember as Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. For someone who died before the first episode ever aired, she was still the heart of the show. She later joined the show as Laura's cousin, Maddie I believe and feel free to correct me if I got it wrong As always, pay no attention to the fat guy in the photos.

Horrorhound weekend Mads Mikkelson photo op
Photo op with me, Robin and Mads Mikkelson

Mads Mikkelson Hannibal
Mads Mikkelson and myself

Hannibal's Mads Mikkelson at Horrhound Indy
Me, Mads Mikkelson and Robin

Autographed 8x10 by Mads Mikkelson

And then there was the still gorgeous Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee
Laura Palmer herself, the beautiful Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks and myself

Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks and John Carpenter's Vampires
Autographed 8x10 of Sheryl Lee

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Will the Walking Dead Survive Post Negan

So, I'm not the biggest fan of the Walking Dead, but I can't deny it's impact on pop culture. I also can't deny or ignore that tonight's episode has fans on the edge of their seat, and it's still hours away from airing as I write this. This is the night, that they introduce the biggest, baddie of the series, Negan.

Everyone is expecting a major character, most likely Glenn or Daryl to bite the bat tonight. Or possible their will be a cliff hanger and not croak till October. I think this is very likely, and also a shitty way for the filmmakers to treat their loyal fans. Thousands may riot if Daryl dies, at least that's what they scream, in all caps, on social media.

Topless Lauren Cohan of the Walking Dead
Why I still watch the Walking Dead

But beyond who will die, there is another question. Will the Walking Dead, the show itself survive Negan? In the comics life goes on. People live, people die and new threats arise. But the war with Negan lingers on in the comics for a while.  It does end though, and the survivors settle down in Alexandria for several years.

This presents quite a change in dynamics for the show. The survivors have never stayed in one place long. The prison latest the longest but there was constant threat from the Governor looming, not to mention walkers, prisoners, and the flu. Now, following the comics, the survivors, minus possibly several loved characters, are stuck in one spot for years. Exploring the exciting world of...trading between cities.

Will fans stay behind a show that is basically a post apocalyptic Mayberry RFD? Well hopefully not that slow, but the show has been mostly about a group on the run. Nowhere is safe. After Negan they find safety, if it continues to follow the comics.

sexy Lauren Cohan in underwear
Seriously, this is why I watch the Walking Dead

There are options for the Walking Dead. They could time skip, which I think the comics do, till the next threat. It gives them time to let Judith grow, and bring in new characters. It gives them time to greive and move on. But it also brings them closer to keeping up with the comics and possibly running ahead of it. A lot of the television walking dead fans still don't read the comics so that shouldn't hurt too bad. But a major change in theme, coupled with the loss of one or more beloved characters, could, maybe cause a major down swing in ratings.  Even if the Dixon Vixens don't riot.

Alexandra Daddario Farewell to the Horror Hottie

Being more involved in serious writing I have let the Dark Domain stagnate. Tho some, maybe most would argue it was never that fresh. However like a good little soldier it marches on, still getting random hits with no updates. Sure it's not hitting high on google search anymore, except a few obscure items and the Willie poking.

But it's a shame to let it die, cold and alone, and so I have been tempted back. Even though I have other blogs, none of them have the link juice and heritage of the Dark Domain, and not sure I have the patience and time to wait on them to get there. Time marches on and death comes for all, ya know?

So in my spare time from working a 40 hour shift, and writing for House of Tortured Souls, I will be doing some more work here at Lord Dixie's Dark Domain, while also, hopefully building up my other properties.

Hopefully I can refocus this blog on more serious promotion, and maybe drive some affiliate sales.. My goal, my dream, my lofty pretentious desires would be to focus on actresses. Mostly upcoming but I wouldn't say no to ScarJo, knowhattamean? I would do a short bio, along with some photos. sexxxy please. Something that would hopefully help promote them and their project, while also drawing people here.

But wait, and hark and shit.  Isn't that kind of what you do with Horror Hotties. Yeah kinda sorta, but not really. As I said this will be more serious than cheap T and A, with actual info, yet short of a full interview, and will full cooperation of the females involved. Yes, cooperation or at least permission.

Plus that name, Horror Hotties, I never really liked it beyond the alliteration. It's childish and cheap, and maybe I'm not the same dude I was when I thought it up. Or maybe I'm just no longer pretending to be that dude. The world changes a man, I've seen some things. and some stuff.

Right now I have no clue what I am going to call it. Not at all.  Maybe some simple like Actress Profile. But no, not that damn dull.  Any way, my lazy ass is going to send Horror Hotties out with a slight hurrah. One or two more posts, while I work on formalizing, and getting some willing test subjects.

So with that in mind here/s a big wolf whistle to out Farewell to Horror Hotties with the beautiful Alexandra Daddario. Whooooo. Alexandra Daddario that/s who. Now shes done a lot besides horror, in fact she doesn't have a lot of horror roles but damn she stood out the Texas Chainsaw 3D remake. If fact the lovely Ms Daddario and Dan Yeagers performance as Leatherface were the only two things that did stand out (See I completely skipped making a boobie pun. Growth man).
Alexandra Daddario blue eyes
Seriously those eyes

Besides Chainsaw she has wowed audiences in San Andres, blown their heads completely off in HBOs True Detectives, and soon will be donning the trademark red swimsuit for the Baywatch movie. The sky is the limit for Alexandra with her piercing blue eyes and a chest that could stop a perpetual motion engine in it's tracks.  Stunning is a mother fucking understatement.  Seriously you could drown in those eyes and never gasp for air.
Alexandra Daddario eyes
Again, those eyes

So enough gibble gabble to fuel the Google search requirements, let's feast on the beast that is the lovely Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario sexy boxer
Alexandra Daddario momma said knock you out

Alexandra Daddario full nude in heels
Bare ass in heels

Alexandra Daddario red shorts, see through top
Alexandra's gorgeous ass
Alexandra Daddario wet white Tshirt
Hawt and wet

Alexandra Daddario white Baywatch bikini
Alexandra in Baywatch

Alexandra Daddario topless in True Detective
It's about to get busty, err busy