Sunday, April 3, 2016

Alexandra Daddario Farewell to the Horror Hottie

Being more involved in serious writing I have let the Dark Domain stagnate. Tho some, maybe most would argue it was never that fresh. However like a good little soldier it marches on, still getting random hits with no updates. Sure it's not hitting high on google search anymore, except a few obscure items and the Willie poking.

But it's a shame to let it die, cold and alone, and so I have been tempted back. Even though I have other blogs, none of them have the link juice and heritage of the Dark Domain, and not sure I have the patience and time to wait on them to get there. Time marches on and death comes for all, ya know?

So in my spare time from working a 40 hour shift, and writing for House of Tortured Souls, I will be doing some more work here at Lord Dixie's Dark Domain, while also, hopefully building up my other properties.

Hopefully I can refocus this blog on more serious promotion, and maybe drive some affiliate sales.. My goal, my dream, my lofty pretentious desires would be to focus on actresses. Mostly upcoming but I wouldn't say no to ScarJo, knowhattamean? I would do a short bio, along with some photos. sexxxy please. Something that would hopefully help promote them and their project, while also drawing people here.

But wait, and hark and shit.  Isn't that kind of what you do with Horror Hotties. Yeah kinda sorta, but not really. As I said this will be more serious than cheap T and A, with actual info, yet short of a full interview, and will full cooperation of the females involved. Yes, cooperation or at least permission.

Plus that name, Horror Hotties, I never really liked it beyond the alliteration. It's childish and cheap, and maybe I'm not the same dude I was when I thought it up. Or maybe I'm just no longer pretending to be that dude. The world changes a man, I've seen some things. and some stuff.

Right now I have no clue what I am going to call it. Not at all.  Maybe some simple like Actress Profile. But no, not that damn dull.  Any way, my lazy ass is going to send Horror Hotties out with a slight hurrah. One or two more posts, while I work on formalizing, and getting some willing test subjects.

So with that in mind here/s a big wolf whistle to out Farewell to Horror Hotties with the beautiful Alexandra Daddario. Whooooo. Alexandra Daddario that/s who. Now shes done a lot besides horror, in fact she doesn't have a lot of horror roles but damn she stood out the Texas Chainsaw 3D remake. If fact the lovely Ms Daddario and Dan Yeagers performance as Leatherface were the only two things that did stand out (See I completely skipped making a boobie pun. Growth man).
Alexandra Daddario blue eyes
Seriously those eyes

Besides Chainsaw she has wowed audiences in San Andres, blown their heads completely off in HBOs True Detectives, and soon will be donning the trademark red swimsuit for the Baywatch movie. The sky is the limit for Alexandra with her piercing blue eyes and a chest that could stop a perpetual motion engine in it's tracks.  Stunning is a mother fucking understatement.  Seriously you could drown in those eyes and never gasp for air.
Alexandra Daddario eyes
Again, those eyes

So enough gibble gabble to fuel the Google search requirements, let's feast on the beast that is the lovely Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario sexy boxer
Alexandra Daddario momma said knock you out

Alexandra Daddario full nude in heels
Bare ass in heels

Alexandra Daddario red shorts, see through top
Alexandra's gorgeous ass
Alexandra Daddario wet white Tshirt
Hawt and wet

Alexandra Daddario white Baywatch bikini
Alexandra in Baywatch

Alexandra Daddario topless in True Detective
It's about to get busty, err busy

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