Sunday, April 10, 2016

Days of the Dead Atlanta part 2

The second part of my photos from the Days of the Dead Atlanta. Plan on uploading more convention photos this week if I get the chance. Thanks for viewing
Leatherface Dan Yeager
Dan Yeager from Texas Chainsaw 3-D

They Live's Keith David
Keith David of They Live, The Thing, Pitch Black and Requiem for a Dream, among others

Jason Voorhees Derek Mears
Derek Mears from Friday the 13th

Stacey Dixon
Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention's Stacey Dixon

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Days of the Dead Atlanta 2014

More blast from the past convention photos. This time from  Days of the Dead Atlanta back in 2014, The special guest headliners were Damien Echols, of West Memphis Three fame, and Tara Reid, of Tara Reid fame.

Damien Echols held a meet and greet and Q and A, and it was definitely worth the ticket price. Growing up close to Memphis in the 80s and 90s, I was all to aware of the West Memphis Three. Being one of those people who don't fit in with the conservative Christians of the deep south, I am acutely aware of how outcasts are treated. Basically I was excited about the chance to meet and talk with Damien, and to hear him talk. I wasn't disappointed.
Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three
Damien Echols

Damien Echols at Days of the Dead
Autographed Damien Echols poster

 West Memphis Three's Damien Echols al
Damien Echols and Me at Days of the Dead Atlanta

I wont lie I was also excited to meet Tara Reid. She's a real cutie and everyone knows her. The lines weren't horribly long, and she was incredibly sweet and generous
Tara Reid
Me and Tara Reid at Days of the Dead Atlanta

There were a lot of other celebs that I was able to meet as well. I will add those photos in another blog post. Hopefully I will get it up in the next day or two. Till then 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ya'll Motherfuckers need Deadpool.

The truth hurts, but ya'll motherfuckers need Deadpool. Yep Deadpool the surprise (to Hollywood bigwigs anyway) hit starring Ryan Reynolds is coming to Blu Ray and DVD really soon.  May 10th real soon, and there's no reason to wait when you can pre-order your copy today.

Do not be the last person on your block to own a copy. Hell even pre-order bragging rights are worth it. If you are a total loser and didn't catch Deadpool in the theater here is a way to regain some small semblance of manhood.  Order now, it will get you laid!

Have you ordered yet? Fuck it guy! What the hell, click the link already! The merc with a mouth demands it!

Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Deadpool is shocked you haven't pre-ordered his movie yet

OK, OK so you haven't seen it and want to know why you should. In short, Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson, who is anything but your typical dude. He's a wise cracking mercenary, with maybe the faintest bit of morals. He falls in love and as his luck would have it, finds out soon after that he is dying with cancer.

He accepts a shadowy proposal that could save his life, or kill him. But if he lives he just might have super powers. He does live, but is horribly scarred, He also gains virtual immortality, rapid healing, and maybe just a touch of insanity. Deadpool is born. He sets out on a mission to save his love, and gain revenge on the people who lied to him. Along the way Deadpool leaves a trail of bodies as he tracks down the evil Francis. Yup. He also runs into a couple of X-men and a giant ship that is definitely NOT a SHIELD Helicarrier. (Hey MCU!)

Have I sold you yet? Yes? No? What the hell just buy a copy. You're going to any way eventually.  In all seriousness, Deadpool is one of the best comic based movies in recent years, maybe ever. I'm counting those MCU and webslinger movies too (the Raimi ones), Check out Deadpool, you wont be disappointed.

Go here, buy Deadpool today

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horrorhound Indy 2014

Yeah, I have been slacking. Going to try and catch up with my con photos since they always seem to be a popular subject. These photos were taken in 2014 at the Indianapolis Horrorhound weekend. I went with my friend Robin, and our main goal was to meet Mads Mikkelson. If you aren't familiar, Mads played Hannibal Lector on NBCs Hannibal for three seasons.

Apparently Hannibal is now dead, although it's fans still hold out hope, a dwindling hope maybe but still hope that the show might return in some form, some day. But whatever the fate of the show, at least we got to meet the devil himself, Hannibal the cannibal.

Of course, if you aren't familiar with Hannibal as portrayed by Mads Mikkelson the first thing you should do is GET FAMILIAR. The series is available on Amazon Prime as well as on DVD and Blu Ray formats. If you watch through to the second season finale, I doubt you will ever see anyone other than Mads as Hannibal Lector.

I didn't meet many other celebs there, but I did meet the beautiful Sheryl Lee, who many will remember as Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. For someone who died before the first episode ever aired, she was still the heart of the show. She later joined the show as Laura's cousin, Maddie I believe and feel free to correct me if I got it wrong As always, pay no attention to the fat guy in the photos.

Horrorhound weekend Mads Mikkelson photo op
Photo op with me, Robin and Mads Mikkelson

Mads Mikkelson Hannibal
Mads Mikkelson and myself

Hannibal's Mads Mikkelson at Horrhound Indy
Me, Mads Mikkelson and Robin

Autographed 8x10 by Mads Mikkelson

And then there was the still gorgeous Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee
Laura Palmer herself, the beautiful Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks and myself

Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks and John Carpenter's Vampires
Autographed 8x10 of Sheryl Lee

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Will the Walking Dead Survive Post Negan

So, I'm not the biggest fan of the Walking Dead, but I can't deny it's impact on pop culture. I also can't deny or ignore that tonight's episode has fans on the edge of their seat, and it's still hours away from airing as I write this. This is the night, that they introduce the biggest, baddie of the series, Negan.

Everyone is expecting a major character, most likely Glenn or Daryl to bite the bat tonight. Or possible their will be a cliff hanger and not croak till October. I think this is very likely, and also a shitty way for the filmmakers to treat their loyal fans. Thousands may riot if Daryl dies, at least that's what they scream, in all caps, on social media.

Topless Lauren Cohan of the Walking Dead
Why I still watch the Walking Dead

But beyond who will die, there is another question. Will the Walking Dead, the show itself survive Negan? In the comics life goes on. People live, people die and new threats arise. But the war with Negan lingers on in the comics for a while.  It does end though, and the survivors settle down in Alexandria for several years.

This presents quite a change in dynamics for the show. The survivors have never stayed in one place long. The prison latest the longest but there was constant threat from the Governor looming, not to mention walkers, prisoners, and the flu. Now, following the comics, the survivors, minus possibly several loved characters, are stuck in one spot for years. Exploring the exciting world between cities.

Will fans stay behind a show that is basically a post apocalyptic Mayberry RFD? Well hopefully not that slow, but the show has been mostly about a group on the run. Nowhere is safe. After Negan they find safety, if it continues to follow the comics.

sexy Lauren Cohan in underwear
Seriously, this is why I watch the Walking Dead

There are options for the Walking Dead. They could time skip, which I think the comics do, till the next threat. It gives them time to let Judith grow, and bring in new characters. It gives them time to greive and move on. But it also brings them closer to keeping up with the comics and possibly running ahead of it. A lot of the television walking dead fans still don't read the comics so that shouldn't hurt too bad. But a major change in theme, coupled with the loss of one or more beloved characters, could, maybe cause a major down swing in ratings.  Even if the Dixon Vixens don't riot.

Alexandra Daddario Farewell to the Horror Hottie

Being more involved in serious writing I have let the Dark Domain stagnate. Tho some, maybe most would argue it was never that fresh. However like a good little soldier it marches on, still getting random hits with no updates. Sure it's not hitting high on google search anymore, except a few obscure items and the Willie poking.

But it's a shame to let it die, cold and alone, and so I have been tempted back. Even though I have other blogs, none of them have the link juice and heritage of the Dark Domain, and not sure I have the patience and time to wait on them to get there. Time marches on and death comes for all, ya know?

So in my spare time from working a 40 hour shift, and writing for House of Tortured Souls, I will be doing some more work here at Lord Dixie's Dark Domain, while also, hopefully building up my other properties.

Hopefully I can refocus this blog on more serious promotion, and maybe drive some affiliate sales.. My goal, my dream, my lofty pretentious desires would be to focus on actresses. Mostly upcoming but I wouldn't say no to ScarJo, knowhattamean? I would do a short bio, along with some photos. sexxxy please. Something that would hopefully help promote them and their project, while also drawing people here.

But wait, and hark and shit.  Isn't that kind of what you do with Horror Hotties. Yeah kinda sorta, but not really. As I said this will be more serious than cheap T and A, with actual info, yet short of a full interview, and will full cooperation of the females involved. Yes, cooperation or at least permission.

Plus that name, Horror Hotties, I never really liked it beyond the alliteration. It's childish and cheap, and maybe I'm not the same dude I was when I thought it up. Or maybe I'm just no longer pretending to be that dude. The world changes a man, I've seen some things. and some stuff.

Right now I have no clue what I am going to call it. Not at all.  Maybe some simple like Actress Profile. But no, not that damn dull.  Any way, my lazy ass is going to send Horror Hotties out with a slight hurrah. One or two more posts, while I work on formalizing, and getting some willing test subjects.

So with that in mind here/s a big wolf whistle to out Farewell to Horror Hotties with the beautiful Alexandra Daddario. Whooooo. Alexandra Daddario that/s who. Now shes done a lot besides horror, in fact she doesn't have a lot of horror roles but damn she stood out the Texas Chainsaw 3D remake. If fact the lovely Ms Daddario and Dan Yeagers performance as Leatherface were the only two things that did stand out (See I completely skipped making a boobie pun. Growth man).
Alexandra Daddario blue eyes
Seriously those eyes

Besides Chainsaw she has wowed audiences in San Andres, blown their heads completely off in HBOs True Detectives, and soon will be donning the trademark red swimsuit for the Baywatch movie. The sky is the limit for Alexandra with her piercing blue eyes and a chest that could stop a perpetual motion engine in it's tracks.  Stunning is a mother fucking understatement.  Seriously you could drown in those eyes and never gasp for air.
Alexandra Daddario eyes
Again, those eyes

So enough gibble gabble to fuel the Google search requirements, let's feast on the beast that is the lovely Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario sexy boxer
Alexandra Daddario momma said knock you out

Alexandra Daddario full nude in heels
Bare ass in heels

Alexandra Daddario red shorts, see through top
Alexandra's gorgeous ass
Alexandra Daddario wet white Tshirt
Hawt and wet

Alexandra Daddario white Baywatch bikini
Alexandra in Baywatch

Alexandra Daddario topless in True Detective
It's about to get busty, err busy