Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ya'll Motherfuckers need Deadpool.

The truth hurts, but ya'll motherfuckers need Deadpool. Yep Deadpool the surprise (to Hollywood bigwigs anyway) hit starring Ryan Reynolds is coming to Blu Ray and DVD really soon.  May 10th real soon, and there's no reason to wait when you can pre-order your copy today.

Do not be the last person on your block to own a copy. Hell even pre-order bragging rights are worth it. If you are a total loser and didn't catch Deadpool in the theater here is a way to regain some small semblance of manhood.  Order now, it will get you laid!

Have you ordered yet? Fuck it guy! What the hell, click the link already! The merc with a mouth demands it!

Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Deadpool is shocked you haven't pre-ordered his movie yet

OK, OK so you haven't seen it and want to know why you should. In short, Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson, who is anything but your typical dude. He's a wise cracking mercenary, with maybe the faintest bit of morals. He falls in love and as his luck would have it, finds out soon after that he is dying with cancer.

He accepts a shadowy proposal that could save his life, or kill him. But if he lives he just might have super powers. He does live, but is horribly scarred, He also gains virtual immortality, rapid healing, and maybe just a touch of insanity. Deadpool is born. He sets out on a mission to save his love, and gain revenge on the people who lied to him. Along the way Deadpool leaves a trail of bodies as he tracks down the evil Francis. Yup. He also runs into a couple of X-men and a giant ship that is definitely NOT a SHIELD Helicarrier. (Hey MCU!)

Have I sold you yet? Yes? No? What the hell just buy a copy. You're going to any way eventually.  In all seriousness, Deadpool is one of the best comic based movies in recent years, maybe ever. I'm counting those MCU and webslinger movies too (the Raimi ones), Check out Deadpool, you wont be disappointed.

Go here, buy Deadpool today

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