Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zombies, killers, Koreans and demons

So I went to the local used DVD store yesterday looking for bargains. The last few times I was there I was really disappointed. Mostly the same stuff as the trip before, lots of low budget crap not worth 2 bucks.

I did finally fall upon a tiny treasure trove, and picked out several. Actually had to put a few back because I had went WAY over my budget for the trip (10-12 bucks). I ended up spending 22 bucks and promising a trip next pay check for the ones I had put back.

I ended up buying Deadbirds, My Bloody Valentine (orig) Special Edition, Lady Vengeance, and Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 Special edition.  I was pretty stoked as I have wanted Lady Vengeance for a while, and also have been planning to collect more Italian horror cinema. Plus Deadbirds is a very underrated movie, and I hadn't seen the original My Bloody Valentine in a while.

So I came home pumped for a night of epic movie viewing. First up was Fulci, as I announced on Facebook. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the case to find.....nothing inside. OK it's a used place maybe I should have checked at the store but I have bought there several times in the past and never had an issue. Plus I was careless. It was marked 8.99 which is way above the normal price for their used DVDs, and was in a box, and looked in great shape. I kind of assumed it was new and unopened. Like I said, I was a bit careless and oblivious.

It was too late to take it back last night and the store doesn't re-open till tomorrow.  I have no idea if they will refund it or give me a store credit but I hope they will, If they don't they have probably lost a customer.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mad Monster Party Gras

Here are a few pictures from my trip to Mad Monster Party Gras in New Orleans. I got to meet and hang out with some super people like Ron Perlman, Alexa Vega, and Gia Nova
Me and Ron Perlman 

Alexa Vega from Repo, Spy Kids and Machete Kills

Cinzia Monreale from The Beyond

Me and Drea de Matteo from Sons of Anarchy

Model and dancer Gia Nova

Gia Nova
Visit Gia Nova's website

Phil Anselmo of Pantera

Sean Yseult former bassist for White Zombie

Sean Yseult from Star and Dagger

Me and Larry Zerner from Friday the 13th part 3

My Crystal Skull Webstore

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Goregasm (review)

A couple weeks ago I ran into the director of Gorgasm.  Now when I met him all I knew was that he was a local film director from the New Orleans area. We talked movies, and I mentioned how I really didn’t like the trend of low budget film makers using comedy as a crutch because they couldn’t afford, or didn’t have, the talent to make a serious horror film. “So what kind of films do you make?” I asked. Yep, horror comedies.  OK, I still hate directors who make comedies as a crutch, just like I hate those low budget “found footage” films a way to make a cheap film with little talent. This doesn’t apply to Goregasm though. Why? Because it’s funny as hell, that’s why.

The rules get thrown out when a movie is good, and Goregasm is good. Now when I say it’s good, it’s not going to win an Oscar.  Not unless the voters are smoking some good stuff, Ok, not even then. Goregasm is a film that you really need a taste for the extreme to enjoy. If you are a fan of Ryan Nicholson and Plotdigger films, there is a good chance you will like Goregasm.  This is an exploitation film that puts most exploitation films to shame. It is a film that would fit in at drive in theaters, the stuff I dreamed about seeing as a kid. However where most of those sleazy drive in films seemed more bark than bite, Goregasm delivers.

Imagine victims being beat to death with a giant rubber dildo by the villain, known as the “cock faced killer” for reasons that are very apparent.  That’s probably the nicest thing that happens in Goregasm. There’s enough poop to make Martin Lomax giggle. But where the poo eating in The Human Centipede is mostly left to your imagination, here it’s on full display.  The poop scene is the one thing that made me almost turn it off, as I am NOT a fan of scat films.

That’s just one of many, many perversions on display in Goregasm. There is more ass rape in this film than in Stephen Geoffrey’s summer vacation.  Besides the cock faced killer, there is also CLAM, an all female gang (whose leader has a beard), Detective Deppshett (who has a fondness for Sylvester Stallone that’s only slightly less creepy than his fondness for feces,) and oh yes sex. Lots of sex, and a lot of it is real.

Goregasm has something in it for everyone, and more than likely something in it will make you wince, gag, or turn away. But if you can handle even 80% of this movie, it’s worth it.  While the
low budget does show at times, the film makers have heart, and you can tell they enjoy what they are doing.  If you can stand the extreme it will make you laugh.

Another plus is the female cast. The ladies in Goregasm were much more attractive than you would expect to find in a film of this budget and genre.  The fact that most of them get naked, and some are really doing the nasty doesn’t hurt. Some people will point and yell “PORN” at the mention of real sex, and this film probably isn’t for them. But honestly most people who would be totally turned off to this film due to the sex, would hate it for a dozen other reasons as well.

I dug Goregasm, but then I also really enjoyed Hanger by Ryan Nicholson. It’s an acquired taste and it isn’t for everyone, but if you can stomach it, give Goregasm a look.