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Amusement [Blu-ray]Originally planned as a big screen release, the production company folded and domed this to direct to DVD. While not a masterpiece it is better than a lot of the higher profile films released to theater and way above most Direct to vid films. It has a decent budget, and really looks slick and polished. The acting is good enough to carry it and the plot, well the plot is a pretty convoluted mess, but does feature some decent scares. The motive for the killing are pretty weak, but since the protagonist is identified as being an insane psychotic, does he really need a reason.  If you like creepy clowns you will probably love this, especially the middle segment.

Leaked Piranha 3-D film clip

Leaked Piranha 3-D film footage! This leaked clip won't be up long so watch it while you can. Piranha looks to be a gory film, director Alexander Aja is known for making gory horror films such as High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes and it doesn't look like he is backing off on the Pioranha 3-D film. Lot's of blood and boobs so my impression has came up a bit. Filmed at Lake Havasu, Arizona (although changed to Lake Victoria for the film). Like I said this trailer WON'T be up long.


Leaked Piranha 3-D film footage! this leaked clip won't be up long so watch it while you can. Piranha looks to be a gory film, director Alexander Aja is known for making gory films such as High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes and it doesn't look like he is backing off on the Pioranha 3-D film. Lot's of blood and boobs so my impression has came up a bit. Filmed at Lake Havasu, Arizona ( although changed to Lake Victoria for the film). Like I said this trailer WON'T be up long

Horror hottie Devon Aoki

OK so Sin City wasn't really a horror movie, but it was a great film by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.  Robert is a horror vet having directed From Dusk til Dawn, The Faculty and Planet Terror.  Frank is a legendary comic artist and is popular among horror fans.  One of the coolest characters in the Sin City graphic novels is deadly little Miho.  Miho is a pint sized bundle of roller skating, shurkin tossing death and reminded me a little of Miller's most famous creation, Elektra.  Devon Aoki has a very unique look which everyone might not find hot, but I do and that is why she is here.  Hope you enjoy these.

naked Devon Aoki with a snake

sexy Devon AokiDevon Aoki in bikini

Raiders of the Damned

Raiders of the Damned

Wow, watching this made me yearn for a Uwe Boll film. Bad hardly describes Raiders of the Damned. Seriously Ed Wood would be ashamed to have made this film. The special effetcts are juvineile, I have seen better make up effects from students. The vehicle effects are barely more than saucers, actually a helicopter, on string, Richard Grieco appears to be attempting to channel Heath Ledger's Joker. Note to Grieco, you are not Heth Ledger and just watching you ham around in your long stringy faux Joker hairdo pissed me off. The acting is pretty much horrible all around, but Grieco takes the "best" of show. The direction is stupid, zombies lurch around one moment then high speed sword fight with each other the next. I can't comment on the plot because I am not sure it had a plot. The dialogue is laughable which is probably the best thing about this film. Grieco's behavior would be funny as well, but like I mentioned I can't shake that he was trying to imitate Heath. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, true, but not if you are a washed up hack, whose biggest claim to fame was being on the same show as Johnny Depp when he was a teen. Do yourself a favor and avoid this at all cost.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

LET ME IN Restricted (Red Band) Trailer

The original is a classic and one of the best vampire films ever. This is the Americanized remake. I cannot imagine this film being anything but an insult to the original. I admit that some scenes in the trailer look interesting but overall it is an exercise in fail. From watching the trailer it appears the American film will rip away all the ambiguity of the original. One of the great things about Let The Right One In, is wondering exactly what Eli feels for Oskar. Does she want him as a human guardian, vampire companion or just a take out meal. I can't imagine they will keep the sexual ambiguity either as homophobic as the general public is, I just don't think mainstream Hollywood would dare make Eli anything except a female vamp. Still check out the trailer and let me know what you think

Horror Hottie Anna Falchi

Anna Falchi is best known to horror fans from the 1994 zombie  film Cemetery Man with Rupert Everett.  Know in Italy under the original and more poetic name of Delamortre Delamore, the voluptuous role of  She the love interest ( actually interests) of Everett the Cemetery's engineer.  Delamorte Delamore is a wonderful, yet abstract mind bending film, but what really bends your mind is the delectable Anna.  Check her out.

Super hot Anna Falchi

Cemetery Man actress Anna Falchi

super busty Anna Falchi

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

no update, update

Crazy week plus I have become enamored of the MMORG Fallen Earth, so no recent updates of any kind.  While Fallen Earth isn't really a horror based game it has a lot of elements that I feel will appeal to the horror and horror film community.  I plan on writing a  review for here, not a complete review maybe but my playing experiences.  I have family coming this weekend so probably no real blog updates till next week.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crystal Lake road trip day 2

There were several people fishing when I got to the lake and the clouds opened up on me so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.  Still I got a few.

crystal lake from Friday the 13th VII filmed near Mobile, Alabama

There were several boats loading on the ramp next to the pier which limited where I could stand.  I left my van on the paved area and walked down to the lakeside.  When the rain got bad I had to walk back or risk ruining my camera, phone and GPS.  I waited in the van for about 30 minutes but more boats were coming in and the rain showed no signs of stopping.  I finally gave up and started home.  The site is approximately forty minutes form my house depending on traffic so I will go back, most likely when the weather is cooler and there are fewer fishermen out and less chance of running into an alligator.

Crystal Lake pier where Tina confronts Jason

Best shot I could get of the pier from the film.  It's sad there was a good bit of liter around the area.  Several Styrofoam boxes on the ground that might have been picked up by the fishermen before they were left.  There was a trail leading around the edge of the lake.  I couldn't get a shot because of the fishermen who were along the trail fishing from the bank.  I think the trail was used in the film but it is overgrown pretty bad.
The lake is actually tributary of the Tensaw river that runs into Mobile Bay.  You can tell from some of the pictures it is more of a river than a lake.
The woods around Crystal Lake.  Can you feel jason watching?
Here is a link to the site on Google Maps.  It is Byrnes Lake on Byrnes Lake Road in Baldwin County just north of Spanish Fort, about 45 minutes from downtown Mobile

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crystal Lake road trip

So ever since I moved to Baldwin County, Alabama I have heard that it is a popular place for celebs and for movies.  It is the home of  authors Fannie Flagg and Winston Groom.  Brad Pitt has been sighted around Fairhope and Steven Seagal stayed here while filming Under Siege in Mobile.  No one mentioned horror films and I never asked.   Then one night a  coworker told me he had info that the sequel to the Friday the 13th reboot was going to be filmed in Daphne.  Daphne is just up the road from where I work and maybe 20 minutes from my house.  I have since heard the film has been cancelled due to reasons only the Hollywood intelligentsia know for sure.  Maybe the whole story about it being filmed here was bullshit, I don't know, but I decided to check up on it last week.  Quick web search for Friday the 13 sequel, Baldwin County and what did I find?  That parts of Friday the 13th VII:The New Blood was filmed locally.  I came up with three Baldwin County towns where the movie was filmed, Stockton, Bay Minette, and Point Clear.  I had never been to Bay Minette or Stockton since I moved here.  I had passed through Point Clear but nothing more.  With a little more searching I decided my best shot at actually finding a location was in Stockton, even though it was the farthest away, maybe 40 to an hour.  Armed with my GPS and camera I set out, without writing any descriptions down.  I found Stockton easily enough but could not find the lake where the final confrontation between Tina and Jason took place.  The problem was Stockton is full of lakes.  I talked to a few locals who were able to help a bit but not enough.  I finally gave up and started home taking mental notes along the way.  I have since located the right lake and plan on making a return trip, hopefully tomorrow.  After I get back I will upload my pics from both trips and provide details o how to find it yourself if you want.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Official SUCK Trailer

Friday the 13th-Part VII The New Blood

Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood Poster Movie German 11x17 Lar Park Lincoln Kevin Blair Spirtas

Decent installment in the Jason Voorhees saga.  Jason is back (cliche #1) and this time he's met his match (cliche #2) in a young telekinetic girl played by Lar Park Lincoln.  The film stars THE JASON, Kane Hodder in perhaps his most animated role as the silent stalker.  It also stars fellow film zombie (of a sort) Terry Kiser from Weekend at Bernie's.  It is a fun romp, following the basic formula of a Friday the 13th film.  Kids show at the lake, Jason appears, kids die, most "innocent" girl lives, Jason supposedly dies at the end.  This is perhaps the biggest failing of the film.  While Lincoln as telekinetic Tina is a worthy opponent for Senior Voorhees, she is seriously under utilized.  While there are a few sweet scenes, such as Tina mentally squeezing Jason's mask into his head till the masks pops free, for most of the film she just uses her mind to throw things at Jason.  Basically the same thing a normal heroine could have done.  Still it is not a bad film and one of the better post final chapter Friday films.  It is however a great idea wasted.  We could have had Carrie White vs Jason, instead we get Uri Gellar.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Official Trailer for Cthulhu, the Movie -- NEW JULY 07

Ed Norton out of Avengers, Polanski out of jail

Well the world's most famous pedophile is once again free to terrorize teenage girls. The Swiss are well known as a nation of standing up for what is right and not being afraid to take a stand (is the sarcasm dripping enough?)  Now they have decided to refuse to extradite the award winning film director.  Polanski's talent as a filmmaker cannot be denied, however his talent as a love maker has been roundly criticised by Natassja Kinski his former child lover.  Hey Roman, when a fifteen year old says you suck in bed, it's time to just eat a bullet and do the world a favor.  Once again celebrity is proved more important than justice.  Polanski is best known in the horror world for directing Rosemary's Baby, then fucking a baby.

Speaking of fucked up releases, Marvel has dropped Ed Norton from the cast of the upcoming Avengers film.  Way to slam the fans who liked Norton as the green behemoth.  They promise a "name star" will be announced soon, Eric Bana maybe?  Expect a "name star" who works cheap.  Good thing LiLo is doing time, huh?  Dollars over quality once again

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Stepfather

Finally got around to seeing this cult classic this week.  It's funny because I have seen the sequel many times over the years.  Stepfather 2 runs regularly on basic and pay cable but apparently not the original film.  Just a couple of weeks ago I even saw the remake with Dylan Walsh on premium cable.  Usually the only good thing about a remake is the increased exposure to the original.  Not with the Stepfather however.  The remake came and went and the original seemed to stay in hiding, which is shame.  No offense to Dylan Walsh but he can't hold a candle to Terry O'Quin.  When O'Quinn goes into psycho mode it is a terrible thing to behold.  The modern really doesn't have anything over this film.  The original is gory ,chilling and suspenseful.   The cutesy kids of the remake can't compare to sexy Jill Schoelen, especially with her nude shower scene.  If you haven't seen the Stepfather check it out.  It's a better film than the remake.

Petey Wheatstraw

Petey Wheatstraw - The Devil's Son-In-law
Classic blacksploitation film starring Rudy Ray More as Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil's Son in Law. The film is still funny even though it is dated.  Don't look for high brow humor just goofy fun.  Petey is a comedian gunned down by his rivals played by comedians Leroy and Skillet. The devil appears and offers Petey a second chance but only if Petey marries the devil's ugly daughter.  Petey accept the offer in order to get revenge but starts scheming on how to trick the devil.  Fans of Sandford and Son may remember Leroy and Skillet from several appearances there.

Horror hottie Katharine Isabelle

Katharine Isabellefrom Ginger Snaps in the shower

Predator- Review

Predators movie poster

Ever since I heard Robert Rodriguez was involved in a Predator project I have been excited. The synopsis and cast list for the film did not lessen my excitement. While I wasn’t familiar with everyone in the cast, Adrian Brody is one of my favorite actors. Add in Danny Tejo and Walt Goggins, two seriously underrated actors and it was pretty much a must see for me. Then add in two stunt men with an impressive resume, Brian Steele and Derek Mears as Predators and oh yeah, Topher Grace.

I was a bit put off when I learned Rodriguez was not directing the film. Still I was determined to watch Predators. Throwing away Predator 2 and the Alien vs. Predator series, the film acts as a direct sequel to the original Predator with Arnold. In it a group of killers, the worst of the worst, awaken on a strange plant and find themselves hunted by an invisible force. They come to realize they are on a hunting preserve, eventually coming face to face with the Predators.

Watching the movie Predators, probably the first problem I had with it was Adrien Brody. Like I mentioned earlier, I love Adrien Brody’s work, but I just could not see him as a tough guy. I can buy him as evil, even as sleazy, but I never bought his tough guy act in Predators. He seemed to take control of this group of killers way too easy. Effectively playing the Arnold character from Predator, his smirking and tough guy stares just didn’t replace Arnold’s commanding presence.

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Horror hottie Rutina Wesley

Do we really need words for this?  Another true blue, True Blood hottie.  Rutina Wesley stars as Tara, Sookies best friend.  Enjoy

sexy Rutina Wesley of True Blood

The Shrine Trailer

Captifs Teaser - AlloCiné

Captifs Teaser - AlloCiné

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New art work

New original artwork from the amazing Walt Sablotny.  Thanks

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Top Ten Zombie Films Without Zombies

Zombie films have been around almost as long as any other form of horror film. Originally zombies in these movies were based on the Caribbean myths of the zombie. In these myths the zombie was a dead person reawakened by voodoo to serve the master who reanimated him. The movie White Zombie starring Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi, featured this stiff walking undead corpse.

The shambling, mindless voodoo zombie made sporadic appearances in film until a man named George Romero reinvented the genre and the zombie. It was Romero who gave the zombie his taste for human flesh and took voodoo out of the equation. George Romero may have been responsible for the single most important evolution of the zombie, but the reanimated corpse has continued to evolve.

Now zombies have advanced even past being dead. Film makers are using the zombie term to refer to any creature or group of people who attack mindlessly. Many films have “zombies” that bear little if any resemblance to Romero’s zombies or their voodoo predecessors. Some are good, some are horrible. Here is a list of my favorites.

10. Slither- An alien land on Earth with the desire to feed and mate in the horror comedy Slither. To do this it takes over the townspeople with alien slugs and turns them into mindless zombies. The zombies bear some surface similarities to Romero but that‘s about it. The alien infected zombie story has been done before in Night of the Creeps and even the classic Plan Nine From Outer Space but in these films the zombies were actually dead,

9. Warning Sign- A experimental virus escapes in an underground bunker changing everyone infected into homicidal killers. No real relation to a true zombie, the zombies here are still alive and still intelligent. They do not crave flesh but are homicidal. Predates and influenced the rage virus of 28 Days later. The main difference is that in Warning Signs we know the government created the virus. In 28 days we are lead to believe it developed naturally.

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Happy Independence Day America

For all your faults and failings I love you America. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.

patriotic fireworks display

Horrorfind Weekend Memories-Barbara Nedeljakova

Horrorfind Weekend with Barbara Nedeljakova and Lord Dixie

email from the Church of St Marks

Just got this email from the church of St. Marks

Allen Alberson
This email is in response to the application you submitted to The Church of St. Marks regarding a possible case of demonic possession. First of all, remain calm. There may be a demonic force at work here. Immediately remove sharp objects and weapons from the afflicted person's access. If there are young children in the household, we advise sending them to stay with relatives or friends. Do not taunt or abuse the afflicted person. Do not take any action against the possessed at all, for their safety and your own.

Try to make them as comfortable and as calm as possible until an exorcist can be sent to assess the situation.

Thank you and God Bless,

The Church of St. Marks

Believe in Him
Reverend Cotton Marcus

Church of Saint Marks

In this time of horror and trouble it is refreshing to find a true soldier of God. A man fighting against demonic Possession. A man like Rev Cotton Marcus and the Church of Saint Marks. Here is an excerpt from Rev. Marcus blog.

You can follow the link back to the site.

Welcome to my blog! I’m Reverend Cotton Marcus – a fourth generation preacher, a certified practicing exorcist, a husband to Shanna and a father to Justin. I’m very excited about this forum – I’m always interested in finding new ways to reach people, to spread the Word and help those in need

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Let me in Trailer

Well I hate remakes and this one looks to stink up the memory of the excellent original film but here is the trailer for Let Me In

Paranormal Activity 2

Ok well the actual name of this project is being kept under wraps. I wasn't a huge fan of the original, but then I saw it on DVD and not on the big scree. I know a lot of the charm of the first was the group scare and seeing it on a big screen, in a darkened theater and then feeding off the fear in the room. Still in my mind that is just a gimmick and the first was a one trick pony. This teaser didn't do a lot for me but I will probably try and catch this one at the theater. Here's is the teaser, hope you enjoy!

Satan's Little Helper

Satan's Little Helper
I finally got around to watching this last week and all I can say is "Why did I wait so long?" It is a real treat and I loved it.  Part horror movie, part dark comedy with a bit of not so subtle social commentary, but most of all Satan's Little Helper is a buddy movie.  A buddy movie about a boy and a psychopath.  It's what happens when  boy brings a serial home for dinner.  Set at Halloween little Dougie is all wrapped up in his new video game, Satan's Little Helper.  His mom, genre vet Amanda Plummer is almost completely oblivious to Dougie.  Dougie's big sister is coming home for Halloween ( better than home for Christmas!) and all is well till she shows up with her new boyfriend and upsets Dougie's Trick or Treat plans.  Leaving home to sulk Dougie runs into a masked man arranging a dead body to look like a Halloween prop.  Thinking that it is Satan (from the video game), Dougie befriends him and brings him home.  Mayhem follows Dougie and his new friend as they create Halloween havoc, all "pretend" in Dougie's eyes until Satan targets his family.

You will either love or hate Dougie.  His naive act is a bit hard to believe near the end of the movie, but it is necessary to carry the plot forward.  I loved his wide eyes blood thirsty innocence.  Playfully directing "Satan" on his murderous spree. Plummer is perfect as the some what ditsy and distracted mom.  Katheryn Winnick as Dougie's sister Jenna comes of as the voice of reason throughout most of the film.  She is easy on the eyes too a beautiful young lady but someone you could easily see as your big sister.  The plot has a couple of twists and while the last one should have been expected it did catch me off guard.  The first big twist left me almost in tears although it could offend some religious people.  Nevertheless I thought it was brilliant.

The absolute shining star of Satan's Little Helper is Satan man himself.  Wearing a goofy plastic mask he still puts more charisma and personality into the character than a box full of Tom Cruises.  Constantly  giving high fives and  thumbs up to Dougie as well as flipping off the cops and adults, he is a true treat.  he will have you laughing up until the second he eviscerates a helpless victim.  The ending is dark and a bit ambiguous.  We don't see what is happening but we hear the family's reaction when they realize the final shocking twist.  It is an almost perfect ending.  I admit Dougie's dialogue near the end is a bit stupid, but by then you should have already came to the conclusion that maybe he isn't a very bright kid.  Satan's Little Helper goes on my list of required Halloween viewing.

Satan's Little Helper movie poster

Jonah Hex review

Megan Fox, Josh Brolin and Michael Fassbender

Another DC comics character came to life on the big screen with Jonah Hex. Hex stars Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex, Megan Fox as his love interest and John Malkovitch as Jonah’s arch nemesis. Jonah Hex has been a film I have been looking forward too every since I first heard it was being made. I remember Jonah fondly from my childhood and am a big fan of the recent mini series written by Joe R. Lansdale. The early reviews were tough on old Jonah but that didn’t deter me from laying my cash down for a ticket opening weekend.

The movie follows the adventures of the title Jonah, a former Confederate soldier as he searches for the man who killed his family and left him brutally scarred. The film was not perfect but overall I enjoyed it. Hopefully the film will do well enough for a sequel. Now for the good and the bad about the film.

Josh Brolin makes the perfect Jonah Hex. After seeing this I could not imagine anyone else playing the role. Maybe Clint Eastwood in his younger years could have pulled it off. After all Eastwood modeled the look of Josey Wales on Jonah. Brolin had just the right amount of machismo for the role. At the same time we could see that sadness, melancholy and outright hatred that Jonah posses for those that wrong him. Josh also has the rough features that suit Jonah so well.

The story had more of a supernatural edge that I was expecting. Early on there were rumors of a zombie army, but the film makers decided to go a more realistic route. Knowing this I was not expecting the amount of supernatural thrown in Jonah Hex. Still they didn’t push it too far, leaving Jonah with the ability to talk to the dead and a demonic “snake man” in one scene. Both of these could be played off as non supernatural with a small stretching of the mental muscle. Jonah would not seem right without at least a touch of the otherworldly.

Megan Fox has gotten a lot of criticism and I know a lot of people who groaned when she got the role of Lila. Honestly she has earned some of her criticisms, but she does a decent job in Jonah Hex. Her accent was strained, but her dialogue is somewhat limited. She is beautiful to look at and handles the more physical parts very well.
It‘s hard to say anything bad about John Malkovitch. That being said he really didn‘t have that much depth of character here to work with. He did ok with the role but Turnbull really didn’t seem developed beyond generic evil villain. His voice and demeanor suited Turnbull perfectly and he was an excellent choice. He just needed more to work with. Likewise Turnbulls grand plan to “destroy the country” seemed not so well thought out and his motivations not that clear.

One of the things that scared me going into the film was the use of gadgets in the trailer. Jonah was always six gun and fists kind of anti hero, not a James West secret agent type guy. Happily the gadgets did not play as big a part as I had feared. They still seemed out of place and I think the film would have worked just as well without them.

The character of Smith seemed thrown in just as a way to distance Jonah from slavery ( and provide gadgets.) As it is Smith stands almost as a token black with no real story or purpose. Leaving Jonah in his Confederate coat and hat was one thing I liked about the film. Throwing aside any fears of political correctness and possibly tackling the truth that not all men who fought for the South believed in slavery. This brings me to another point, Jonah’s origin.

In the comic origin ( at least one of them, comics are nefarious for having multiple origins,) Jonah surrenders to the Union, and ala Josey Wales, his men are slaughtered. Inn the film it makes it seem that Jonah is complicit in the slaughter and paints all his men as evil. The story doesn’t go too deeply into this but a scene with Jonah looking on as his men are lined up sticks in my mind.

One of the great things about westerns is the west. The soaring mountains and wide open spaces are a cinematographer’s dream. Jonah Hex had little of this. Other than a few scenes the whole film could possibly have been filmed on a sound stage. There are a couple of spooky graveyards and a few scenes of Jonah Riding across the range but too much is filmed indoors and at night. I would have loved to have seen Jonah in a gun battle in the middle of the wilderness instead of so much sneaking around.

While I am not a Megan Fox hater, and she did do a decent job in Jonah Hex, I did find myself thinking she was simply too attractive for the role. I can’t remember Jonah ever being that picky about the ladies. With his prominent facial scarring, I don’t think he could have been that picky. Still seeing Megan Fox all sweaty in that tight corset did make me happier than seeing Rosanne Barr in it. I’m willing to call Megan a positive on that account alone.

The hallucinatory fight between Jonah and Turnbull seemed forced. I really didn’t see the need for it beyond just giving Brolin and Malkovitch more time on screen together. I had much rather have seen this a s a real fight near the end of the film, or even a fight before the end. Probably my biggest knock against the film is that I would have liked more action. Give me another fight scene with Michael Fassbender or Malkovitch. I wanted more gunplay.

Still even though this might seem negative, I loved Jonah Hex. Why? Because over all it is just so cool and seeing Jonah Hex on the big screen is a dream come true. The wrong actor could have spoiled this but Josh Brolin nailed it. So even though there are a lot of things that could have been better, I have to give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.