Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friday the 13th-Part VII The New Blood

Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood Poster Movie German 11x17 Lar Park Lincoln Kevin Blair Spirtas

Decent installment in the Jason Voorhees saga.  Jason is back (cliche #1) and this time he's met his match (cliche #2) in a young telekinetic girl played by Lar Park Lincoln.  The film stars THE JASON, Kane Hodder in perhaps his most animated role as the silent stalker.  It also stars fellow film zombie (of a sort) Terry Kiser from Weekend at Bernie's.  It is a fun romp, following the basic formula of a Friday the 13th film.  Kids show at the lake, Jason appears, kids die, most "innocent" girl lives, Jason supposedly dies at the end.  This is perhaps the biggest failing of the film.  While Lincoln as telekinetic Tina is a worthy opponent for Senior Voorhees, she is seriously under utilized.  While there are a few sweet scenes, such as Tina mentally squeezing Jason's mask into his head till the masks pops free, for most of the film she just uses her mind to throw things at Jason.  Basically the same thing a normal heroine could have done.  Still it is not a bad film and one of the better post final chapter Friday films.  It is however a great idea wasted.  We could have had Carrie White vs Jason, instead we get Uri Gellar.

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