Monday, July 12, 2010

Ed Norton out of Avengers, Polanski out of jail

Well the world's most famous pedophile is once again free to terrorize teenage girls. The Swiss are well known as a nation of standing up for what is right and not being afraid to take a stand (is the sarcasm dripping enough?)  Now they have decided to refuse to extradite the award winning film director.  Polanski's talent as a filmmaker cannot be denied, however his talent as a love maker has been roundly criticised by Natassja Kinski his former child lover.  Hey Roman, when a fifteen year old says you suck in bed, it's time to just eat a bullet and do the world a favor.  Once again celebrity is proved more important than justice.  Polanski is best known in the horror world for directing Rosemary's Baby, then fucking a baby.

Speaking of fucked up releases, Marvel has dropped Ed Norton from the cast of the upcoming Avengers film.  Way to slam the fans who liked Norton as the green behemoth.  They promise a "name star" will be announced soon, Eric Bana maybe?  Expect a "name star" who works cheap.  Good thing LiLo is doing time, huh?  Dollars over quality once again

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