Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Stepfather

Finally got around to seeing this cult classic this week.  It's funny because I have seen the sequel many times over the years.  Stepfather 2 runs regularly on basic and pay cable but apparently not the original film.  Just a couple of weeks ago I even saw the remake with Dylan Walsh on premium cable.  Usually the only good thing about a remake is the increased exposure to the original.  Not with the Stepfather however.  The remake came and went and the original seemed to stay in hiding, which is shame.  No offense to Dylan Walsh but he can't hold a candle to Terry O'Quin.  When O'Quinn goes into psycho mode it is a terrible thing to behold.  The modern really doesn't have anything over this film.  The original is gory ,chilling and suspenseful.   The cutesy kids of the remake can't compare to sexy Jill Schoelen, especially with her nude shower scene.  If you haven't seen the Stepfather check it out.  It's a better film than the remake.

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