Monday, October 31, 2016

In The Dark with Elizabeth Mears

It's the Halloween episode of In The Dark podcast with Lord Dixie and special guest Lizzie Mears. Elizabeth Lizzie Mears is an actress best know for her role as the bitchy Janet on the comedy horror film Dollface, otherwise known as Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head. Elizabeth can alsoo be seen in the new supernatural horror film Family Possessions. Family Possessions also stars In The Dark guest Leah Wiseman, Jason Vail, Mark Patton and Felissa Rose. It is making the convention and festival circuit and we will let you know when it has a DVD or VoD release.
In the Dark with Elizabeth Mears
Elizabeth Mears from Family Possessions

Lizzie answers questions about Family Possessions and Dollface, as well about acting with Leah and with director Tommy Faircloth. Lord Dixie and her also talk about the fun of film festivals and discuss Elizabeth Mears other film and Television work.

Then since it is Halloween the show gets a little spooky when they take call ins to the show. But wait, who calls in to a pre-recorded call? It is Halloween but that's a bit strange regardless. Never the less for good or bad Lord Dixie and Elizabeth take a handful of spooky calls before taking a short break.

After a thirty second break to get over the weirdness, since I over used spookiness already, the show comes back for a game of lightening round. Ten questions in rapid fire succession while Lizzie answers them off the top of her head! No time to think, no lifeline and you can't phone a friend! Not even Carl can saver her now! After the questions, the laughter subsides and there isn't a dry eye in the house as we say goodbye to Elizabeth. Well ok maybe it wasn't a tearful good bye, and we do hope to have Lizzie back on soon. And don't forget to check out Dollface and FamilyPossessions.
The beautiful and sexy Elizabeth Mears
The Beautiful Elizabeth Mears from Dollface and Family Possessions

There were some audio problems, found after the show that simply did not appear until the recording was being parsed. They were edited as best as possible by the deadline to ger the show posted. I apologize as it is definitely our goal to provide a good quality product, both in content and technical quality


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