Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's ALive

It's Alive!!!!!

Nope not the bad baby movie by Larry Cohen but me and my blog.  Yep I been lazy but I tend to get depressed at times and kind of disappear from the workld as much as possible at times, but like a good horror monster I always pop back up when least expected.

First off big congratz and mega props to my friends Veronica and Fran on the birth of their beautiful baby boy.  Way to go Froni!

Hoping to have movie reviews and what not up and running again this week.  really looking forward to House of the Devil ( all three copies rented out tonight (.  May buy a copy tomorrow as I'm really looking forward to it) as well as the new Wolfman movie with Beneccio Del Torro.  This looks better than I had thought it would and Beneccio makes a great werewolf.  I mean he kind of looks like a wolf even without any make up.  really glad they made this a period piece instead of moving it into present times.

I just took a gig as a short film reviewer for so got to get to work on that tonight and tomorrow.  I'm hoping that will steer some more traffic this way.  About to start writing for ASssociated Content to make some extra dough.

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