Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Chaser

Watched The Chaser and most of a british horror film called Splintereed last night.  Still no luck at getting my hands on a copy of House of the Devil. I tried two blockbuster, both had only three copies and all rented out, and two Walmarts.  The film is listed on so apparently they aren't boycotting it.  Best also has it listed but didn't have time to get to the local Best Buy before closing.  Guess I may have to break down and order it online

I wrote a review for the Chaser, and submuitted to Associated, since I am now publishing most of my stuff there.  Unfortunately they haev a long submission progress and it migth be a couple of weeks before it gets published.  I will link to it and probably republish here one it is approved there.  The Chaser isn't really a horror film but its damn good and damn gory. Check it out

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