Friday, October 10, 2014

I am back! in some capacity

Well Google, in it's infinite wisdom, decided that my blog was a "spam blog", and removed it. It's true the ads are an annoyance but they are only here because Google, again in their godly wisdom, decided my blog was too "sexually oriented" due to posting photos of girls in bikinis, and pulled adsense. I think the real reason was my blog was growing and I was nearing a payout threshold. If I never hit that threshold, or they find a reason to cancel my adsense Google pockets my share of the adsense revenue. Now with a 100 doallr payout, that isnt much to pocket but Google has a habit of cancelling a lot of accounts right before payout. Now if they cancel at say 96 bucks, once again, one person that isnt much. But if they cancel 1000 accounts over a couple months, that becomes decent pocket change. My adsense was cancelled her at about 85 bucks. I still have it on oher blogs but the revenue is tiny. The Dark Domain was bringing in dollars a day, and still climbing, I woyld have hit the payout in a matter of weeks. Which shows Google's greed and ignorance, because with it's growth, I could have easily made anpther payout by the end of the year. After losing Adsense I went with Juicy Ads, which are great, I get lots more ad hits, but the revenue itself if tiny compared to Adsense.

So anyway Google pulled my blog, I appealed and shockingly got it back. I promise to pay a  little mroe attention to it

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