Friday, April 30, 2010

Sandra Bullock reveals adopted child- Exclusive pictures

This week the world was once again shocked in the ongoing Sandra Bullock/ Jesse James drama. Bullock announced that she was filing for divorce from her alleged neo-Nazi husbandJesse James

. What was really shocking however was the revelation that Bullock and James had secretly adopted a small African- American child. In today’s Internet world it is hard to believe that the couple were up to now able to keep the child a secret. In move guaranteed to garner even more support for America’s sweetheart, Bullock not only announced the adoption

but provided pictures of the child. We have exclusive photos of the child below!!

Bullock of course claims the reveal was in no way a sympathy play. Jesse James tends to disagree. “Ja! Iz just a vay to make me appear to be zee bad guy!” James is reported as saying. “Sandra Bullock iz no sweetheart.”

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