Monday, November 1, 2010

Bloody Reunion- Korean Slasherfest.

I caught the very end of Bloody reunion on cable a couple months ago. Really bloody, but also confusing. Now Asian cinema can be confusing at its best, so I should have known better than trying to make sense of a Korean slasher film from just the final ten minutes. Even though those ten minutes really looked encouraging, I completely misread the motivation of the killer.

Then last weekend I picked up a copy of Bloody Reunion at a local used DVD store. I settle in to watch it and really enjoyed it. Knowing the ending (or so I thought) didn’t spoil the film in the least.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the film concerns a reunion of former classmates at their teachers house. At first glance they all seem happy and successful, but they all harbor a dark secret about their time with teacher. As the party gets under way, the secrets start to surface. When night falls a mysterious figure in a rabbit mask starts killing the former classmates one after another.

Is the killer, the teachers disfigured child that she locked away in the basement? Or is the answer even more sinister? The story is told in flashbacks with some clever misdirection. The story is set up and told so well, that the misdirection doesn’t seem unfair. You may hit yourself on the forehead near the end and say “damn I forgot that was a flashback.” The filmmakers may have bent the rules of story telling but they didn’t break them.

There isn’t a huge amount of gore in Bloody Reunion but there are some squeamish points during some of the torture scenes. If you are a fan of Asian horror, don’t miss out on Bloody Reunion.

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