Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alabama Mayor refuses to allow housing for tornado victims

Codova, Alabama Mayor Jack Scott officially in the running for villain of the year.

This has been a bad year for storms. We can hope that a storm soon blows Cordova mayor Jack Scott out of office. Tornados have raged across America this year, and in the true American spirit, people across the land have supported those affected. Except Jack Scott, who apparently is more concerned with keeping up land values and forcing out “undesirables”

Alabama was one of the states hard hit, and thousands were left homeless. FEMA stepped in to provide housing, while volunteers across America raised food and needed supplies. While FEMA trailers might not be the most elegant housing, to a family without a roof they are a welcome sight. Except to Mayor Jack Scott.

Apparently there is a law on the books banning single wide trailers in the city of Cordova. A law that has not been enforced now. What makes it even more abominable is that the Mayor Dishonorable Jack Scott has allowed trailers for the City Hall and Police Department. He has to be able to work in the dry after all.

In a statement to the Birmingham news he the “mayor” said “We're trying to better Cordova. We're trying to clean up Cordova and keep it clean. We're trying to keep property values up. We're trying to get it to where people will want to build homes on these vacant lots.” That statement makes it pretty clear he is trying to force out those he finds undesirable for a better class of resident.

Meanwhile Cordova residents are forced to either leave town, stay in a hotel, or simply face the elements unprotected. Makes you wonder while Jack Scott is staying. Hopefully the negative press will force him to reconsider and hopefully resign. Perhaps he hopes if he can force out all the lower income families he wont have to face his inhuman, greedy decisions at the next election..
The not so honorable Mayor in front of trailer he allowed for city hall, but not for homeless

Come on Jack Scott, out the well being of your citizens above your dislike of the poor and minorities. Either that or stand up proudly and accept your nomination of shitbag of the year.

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