Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Songs That Drop the F-Bomb in Their Title

The almighty F-Bomb, the big bad wolf of curse words. Using it makes little old ladies gasp and kids giggle. It can get a movie an R rating as quickly as the full Monty. It’s use is pretty much forbidden on radio and television. Tipper Gore will slap a label on your CD if you use it.

So with all this you won’t find the F-Bomb in many songs right? Well outside of hard core rap it is kind of rare but it does exist. Some songs are so brazen that they actually put it in the title. Oh my!!

So without further ado, here is a list to make your granny blush and your girlfriend giggle. Songs that drop the F-bomb in their title

1. This Fucking Job- Drive by Truckers.

It’s rough out there now and this song and video say what a lot of us are feeling. Make sure you watch both versions for a different ending and you can decide which is the most bleak.

2. Fuck Her Gently.

Jack Black and Kyle Gas as Tenacious D provide this comedic look at love and the art of F**king gently.

3. Fuck Dying- A collaboration between hard rockers KORN and rapper Ice Cube results in one of the most bad ass songs of all times.

4. Fucking Perfect- Pink’s anthem to self worth is a beautiful song, with a great message. Beyond the profanity it is a statement of being yourself and ignoring the pressure to be “perfect”

Fuck You- Cee Lo Green

Probably the most popular song with the F-bomb in the title, the radio edit substitutes the word forget, for the more offensive F word. Funny thing is the song actually sounds and flows better in the edited version. That’s my opinion any way and well if you don’t agree, see the unedited version for instructions.


And special mention goes to comedian Jon Lajoie for his newest song Fuck Everything.

That about says it all now Fuck off



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