Friday, January 27, 2012

Mom Vs the Kids-The Tabatha Carlson Story

The newest movie to be attracting all the buzz at Sundance and Cannes is Mom VS the kids.  The movie is comedy/drama based on real events.  Mom Vs the kids stars Tits McGee as Tabatha Carlson, and Joe Ripple as her husband Chris. The film also stars Christopher Lambert as the enigmatic Darth Fussypants, Chuck Carlson as Mr Furley the landlord, and Eric Roman as Lord David Berlin.

Mom Vs the Kids is based on the book written by Tabatha Carlson and based on her real life experience of raising her kids while her husband purses his career as a Vaudeville performer.  This is made all the more difficult for Tabatha being that Vaudeville is dead.  Tabatha Carlson also serves as executive producer and caterer, proving that in the movies as well as real life, she can multi task.

Tabatha was also instrumental in casting Tits McGee to play her in the role.  We asked Tabatha Carlson why she choose Ms McGee.  "Chris was always calling me Tits McGee and I was shocked to see that there actually was an actress Tits McGee.   I had to have her in the cast. 

When we asked independent film director Joe Ripple why he joined the cast of  the Tabatha Carlson bio pic he simply stated "They promised to stop calling me if I did it"

One of the most controversial moves was to animate the kids instead of using real actors. Tabatha says "We wanted to go for a Roger Rabbit feel, plus Harvey Keitel turned us down for the role of Conner.  He said he just wasn't mature enough for the role." Tabatha Carlson as a modern Jessica Rabbit, that's a carrot with no stick, if you get my meaning.  When we asked independent horror film actress Elske McCain her opinion she started screaming and said she thought of it first.

Mom Vs the Kids looks to be a sure win at the box office, giving Tabatha Carlson another blockbuster. I'd be willing to bet my VIP Camp Blood tickets that Tabatha's new movie opens in the top ten.  We asked Tabatha how different it was being behind the screens vs being in the spotlight as the star.  "Well it's a lot easier to see when your in the spotlight, because there are lights.  Behind the screen it can be hard to see, because, well, you're behind the screen."

Also rumored to be in the cast are Michael Gilbert Jr as Ralph Kramden,  Morgan Freeman as Captain Kangaroo, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Guy Fawkes, and Miley Cyrus as a young Tabatha Carlson.  Why Miley? Because Miley Cyrus is a great Google trend and will help the search engine optimization of the blog.

Just in case I haven't used the term Tabatha Carlson enough to get it to the top of a Google search for Tabatha Carlson, I just want to say Tabatha.  Then I will say Tabatha Carlson.  Carlson.  Some people call her Tabby, but her name is Tabatha Carlson.  That should be enough as I want a density of 35-45% for optimal SEO.
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