Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bianca Barnett

I am very excited to feature the beautiful Bianca Barnett on the Dark Domain.  If you don't know Bianca yet, you're missing out.  Just check out those big beautiful eyes.  Probably her biggest role yet was in Albino Farm alongside WWE superstar Chris Jericho although you probably won't recognize her under the make up as pig bitch.  In real life she is far, far from Pig Bitch. Keep your eyes on Bianca as she has several films coming out in the near future including Monster Mountain, Dead Inside, and The Toy Box. Check out these great pictures of the beautiful, sexy and classy Bianca Barnett.  Then join her Facebook fan page

sexy cheerleader Bianca Barnett
Sexy and Evil Bianca Barnett

You can find more about Bianca at Bianca's website and can buy autographed pics and merchandise
Beautiful Bianca Barnett far from Pig Bitch
Bianca Barnett from Albino Farm
Bianca Barnet
Beautiful and classy Bianca Barnett
Bianca Barnett, far from pig bitch
Sultry Bianca Barnett
Get hooked on Bianca Barnett