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The Strange Case of William Pattison and Katheen Wilhoite

The Strange Story of William Pattison and Kathleen Wihoite.
Kathleen Wilhoite
Kathleen Wilhoite soul mate of William Pattison art by William Pattison

So why am I writing about William Pattison aka Eric Morse again? He's taken enough of my time, and enough space on my blog. But he just won't go away, and honestly he's a fascinating character. There are tons of memes, parody’s and even the very informative Devour My Footlong blog. William likes to attack it because of the humorous name, and more lite hearted approach, but don;t let that fool you. It's a serious work that is backed up by facts. That is something William is incapable of doing, backing up anything with facts. But anyway, with all the humor and trolling, I thought there needs to be a completely serious look at one of William's more disturbing claims. His relationship with his soulmate, actress Kathleen Wilhoite

uncomfortable cover of the Traveler by William Pattison
A familiar face on the cover of William Pattison's novel The Traveler. Is that Kathleen Wilhoite? Is that supposed to be William

Horror fans may remember Kathleen from the cult film Witchboard. She's a working actress with a huge list of credits, as well as being a singer /songwiter. Also, if you listen to William, she is his ex-girlfriend and “soulmate.” William has been questioned by his trolls and he refuses to even mention the subject. So let's mention it here and expose William's claims and why they aren't true, and why we should care.

When I first discovered William Pattison he was begging people to harass Reyna Young about appearing at her convention. He was his usual loud, egotistical self. Droning about his importance to the Friday the 13th franchise and comparing himself to Harlan Ellison. He was such a character I immediately took interest and visited his Facebook page. I followed him surreptitiously for quite a while, laughing at his antics, without commenting, of course eventually I felt the need to defend someone he was attacking and quickly got the “claws” aka blocked. But before then I noticed that he was friends with Kathleen as he regularly promoted her concert appearances.

So I assumed they were friends. He called her his good friend, At this time I didn't know exactly how “unbalanced” William was. I took a lot of what he said for granted. This was probably around 2012. He was a writer from California, maybe he had a famous friend.

It was a couple years later when I came across the facebook page of Jordan Mollar, one of his former friends. A private investigator, who claimed to be a private investigator. He posted that William had made a fake facebook page to stalk her pretend girlfriend Kathleen Wilhoite. Wait a minute..... This was when I first took note that Willie was more than just a loud asshole who liked to block people. This took interest so I started digging. I re read his blog and found references to his former girlfriend “K” who's name he never spelled out. Why can't you say your girlfriends name? Unless it's pretend and you don’t want her to find out.

William Pattison and Kathleen Wilhoite

William Pattison
Public Facebook posts from a former friend of William Pattison

Then I found the first bit of real evidence, A comment on his blog from “Zarabeth McGhee” from Google +. The commenter claimed to be a long time close friend of William. She defended him from people who criticized him, and insulted Michelle Shields, and strangely, she wrote in the same style as William. Even stranger, the name “Zarabeth McGhee” combined Kathleen's name from Witchboard, and her name from another film. Really suspicious, but no smoking gun. It could have been anyone, including Kathleen herself. But to me there was no doubt that this was William, creating a fake account to pretend he had a girlfriend, and even scarier, carrying on online conversations with this fake account.

I found out later I wasn't the first person to call out the Zarabeth account, even before Jordan, by a Youtuber. He had noted the similarities between William and Zarabeth and called him. He reportedly even contacted Kathleen and she deleted William from her Facebook. Now this I have no solid proof of, I have not been able to locate the Youtuber and attempts to contact Kathleen have been unsuccessful. So a lot of circumstantial evidence is turning up, but still nothing concrete. It's getting convoluted, but still it could be explained away. Maybe they were friends, maybe it was her, or a fan of hers on the Google plus, unlikely, but possible. And maybe the “K” he's referencing isn't Kathleen...but hold on. That smoking gun is coming.

But before we go deeper, let's hear William's story about his great love affair with “K”. William details his great love for “K” with the most detail on one of his Valentines Day Podcast. He hosts the show as his persona “The Night Caller”. William starts out bemoaning the fact he has no love, but at one time dear listeners, he had a great love. Her name was “K”, and she was his soulmate. However he lost K. How did this great affair come to an end? “K decided to go to Europe. During this time William's house burned down. K returning home assumed he was dead, and went on with her life. Five years later, they reconnected, but she was “involved” with a man and pregnant with her child. The rekindled their friendship but her jealous boyfriend refused to let them talk so she created the “zarabeth” account to continue talking to her true love. This continued till a “misunderstanding” drove them apart.

Over the years he has added little detials, like how a neighbor told “K” he was dead. How on a special birthday she had bought him KFC for a picnic How “K”'s husband was abusive, but K was loyal and he, William, was no home wrecker. He even stated once that even though she was his soul mate he never though of her in a sexual manner

All of this on it's own sounds fake as hell. It sounds like the fantasy of a fourteen year old high schooler who has never got laid. Now it's true, young girls do go off to Europe, leaving their boyfriends behind, but it isn't that common outside of the movies. But to go to Europe, leave your boyfriend behind, and not call? Not keep in touch. The you come home and some one tell you he died and you just move on? No call to the hospital, no visiting his grave site? Not even checking the obituaries? Contacting his family? I'm sorry but that's beyond improbable, that's unbelievable. Add to that apparently William never tried to contact her. “Honey, my house burned down, but I'm OK”. Even more in 1994 William had written and had published four Friday the 13th novels. You don't call your girlfriend and tell her that you are now a published author? We know this happened at roughly the same time because according to William it took two years to repair his house and they moved back in in 1996. He has also stated he lost a lot of his contracts and manuscripts in the fire.

So we have a completely improbably story of how their relationship ended. We also have a story, once again told by William, of his attempt to celebrate publishing his books by asking out a co-worker. Now William uses the above story as for how his relationship with “K” ended, which means he was attempting to cheat on his soul mate when he asked out Nikki Malia. The same Nikki whose name he has tattooed on his arm. We are left with a couple choices. William is unfaithful, the “K” story never happened, or the Nikki Story never happened, or maybe some mix of all three

Now originally I believed parts of the K story were real, Like I said, before I knew how crazy he was. I took his stories at face value. After I found the note by Jordan I started to connect “K” and Kathleen. Then I started to investigate, and was sent a facebook message where William calls his great love by her full name. In the message he says that he once dated Kathleen Wilhoite. He claims to have helped her create the Zarabeth character in Witchboard, giving her the iconic TTFN, and helping her select her wardrobe. He even claims he helped director Kevin Tenney direct the film.

The above screenshots were provided to me for this blog. In them William Pattison claims to have helped  dated Kathleen Wilhoite and helped her develop her character

So to be through I checked IMDB, and William is listed no where on the credits of Witchboard. Then an associate contacted Kevin Tenney, who confirmed that William had nothing to do with directing Witchboard, with the dialogue for Zarabeth or her wardrobe. He also said he had no idea if William and Kathleen were dating. That is William caught in a direct lie. Just like he was caught lying about his relationship with Harlan Ellison, just like he was caught lying about writing Star Trek.

These screen caps provided by Billy Jack. They contain the reply of director Kevin Tenney

Now we have connected “K” and Kathleen, we have also established that William lies frequently. SO let's take all the hints and various posts, and put together a time line.

William claims to have met Kathleen Wilhoite before filming began for Witchboard. Witchboard was released in 1986. William has claimed he met her when she was doing publicity for Murphy's Law. However Murphy's Law was released in April 1986, and you would think most of the publicity would be after and just prior to release. This causes a problem in his story because even though Witchbard was released in December of 1986 (limited) it was filmed in 1985. So it's not impossible to believe they met, but unlikely.

Now at the time they “met” Kathleen was a working actress,living in San Bernadino, and William was a stock boy in the Bay area. No offense to stock boys but that's a stretch. Still not impossible that an overweight stock boy from Sam Mateo could being a ten year relationship with a young, but already successful actress.

So they meet in 1985-1986. William helps her develop her character in 1985, and despite being a young stock boy from San Mateo he is allowed to help direct a feature film. From 1985 till 1994 nothing worth talking about happens in their relationship beyond a picnic with KFC. Nothing, no special anniversaries, no Christmas’s together, no more movie work that I can see. Not till she leaves for Europe at some unnamed date, that we have to assume was around 1994. She had to be back before 1996 or his house would have been rebuilt and he would have been living there.

In 1994, William writes and publishes four novels and his house burns down. Kathleen is apparently in Europe, even though IMDB shows her working steadily in Hollywood, in both films and TV.

Sometime between 1994 and 1996 Kathleen returns from Europe to hear her soul mate is dead. Oh well, no need to verify that, on to the next one.

Five years later Willie and Kathleen reconnect. She is now pregnant and involved with the child's father. However Kathleen was married in 1997 to David Harte. Five years from 1996 is 2001, five from 1994 is 1999. So was she involved or married? I couldn’t easily find a lot of information about her kids, and with stalkers like Willie, it's probably for the best.

In 2012 he was Facebook friends with Kathleen, although it appears she blocked him by mid year. Or was this William's fake profile of her. I tend to think they were Facebook friends for a while but recent photos make me think he was also operating a fake profile that he friended, beyond the Zarabeth profiles.

In January 2013 the fake Zarabeth account is posting on Williams blog.

In May of 2013 Jordan Mollar, a former friend of William's has figured out the truth and outed him on Facebook.

So by now, I think anyone with any common sense will decide that William Pattison never dated Kathleen Wilhoite. All of his stories about her are either lies, or highly suspect, So why should anyone care? It's just harmless fantasy from a loser guy who never got his break. The reason I care is that it's more than harmless fantasy. If it was just a lie about a girlfriend, that's something a lot of people have done. William, however goes to a whole new level of crazy. He has obsessed over Kathleen since at least 2000. He has a tattoo of “Kathleen” on his back. He claims he had a “beloved jeep” named Kathleen, He has even named his laptop Kathleen. He has went on podcast and claimed David Harte is an abusive husband, basically keeping Kathleen prisoner. This is not the actions of a sane man. This is the actions of a stalker.
Creepy Kathleen Wilhoite tattoo on William Pattison's back
A misspelled tattoo of Kathleen and her birth year on William Pattison's back

To make it worse William has friends who are acting as enablers. People who could attempt to get him help. People like Derek Young, who support his lies, even when given proof, versus getting him help. William surrounds himself with people who never criticize him or call him out on his lies. I think if it weren’t for his physical issues such as his extreme weight problem, and bad feet, he would be a legitimate danger. This wouldn't be the first time an actress was stalked by a fan and it had a bad ending.
Here he even claims he based his pen name on the street where Kathleen supposedly lived. Stalker enough for you now?

I have been debating writing this for a while. I have had run ins with William in the past but have tried to avoid him over the last year or so. Still I recently was sent word he is still talking about me, threatening to file charges against me for stalking, bullying and even identity theft. He has posted lies about me all over the internet, while crying that he is the victim. Everything I have posted here is directly from William, Kevin Tenney, or Jordan Mollar

Last I leave you with this. A screen shot where William claims Kathleen Wilhote gave him "B roll
 from her film A Color of Night.  He then used that footage to make a music video for a song he wrote for Wayne Goulden. The song Nikki Tears Her World Apart, which he wrote about the girl he intended to cheat on Kathleen with...The girl whos name he has on his other tattoo. Now tell me that isn't creepy in itself. Thing is, this isn't B roll. I haven't seen A Color of Night since it was first released but I have on good authority that is the opening credits scene. William filmed it off his television, zoomed in to crop out the credits. That's copyright infringement on it's own. If he did get the film from Kathleen he is implicating her in the crime, as she doesn't own the copyright and can not give it to him to use in a monetized video
Nikki Tears Her World AApart

Nikki Tears Her World Apart with Stolen video

So that's it. If you can read this and still support William Pattison something is wrong. Kathleen is only one of a good half dozen women he has stalked and harassed. If you know him get him help. Stalking is nothing to laugh at

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