Monday, June 13, 2011

There's Something About Eliza Jayne

There’s just something about Eliza Jayne.

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 close up of Eliza Jayne

Multitalented and multitasking, Eliza is an actress, model and professional photographer. She’s also a great friend and stone cold beauty. This is her first appearance on my blog, but hopefully it wont be her last.

You can catch her on Paranormal TV’s Haunt U, and Karlos Borloff's Monster Madhouse, as well as representing Twisted Tea and Buffalo Trace Bourbon and many other products. She will also be featured in the 2012 Scares That Cares calendar and is in the running for Ms. Scares That Care. Any horror fan who doesn’t know about Scares That Care, should definitely check it out..

For more on Eliza, check out

For more on Eliza Jayne check out!/ModelElizaJayne!/ElizaJaynePhotography

For now though, check out the beauty that is

Eliza Jayne

sexy hot Eliza Jayne
Sexy and hot Eliza Jayne

Sexy Eliza Jayne
Sexy Eliza Jayne