Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The latest Angela pictures

Because certian people had problems with the "pornogrpahic" pictures I posted of a girl in a swimsuit (In a beach community) I have taken them down.  Not because there is anythign wrong with them, but because I can.  Because the pictures are copywrited to me.  I won't call any names but I know who you are.  The problem with people who talk behind other people's back is that they sometimes talk to people who talk to me.   So talk all you wont but you wont see the pictures here.  You also shouldn't bother trying to talk to me if you are going to talk about my friends.  Do any of you have the balls to stand up and say you found the pictures offensive?  Not likely.  Whatever I honestly don't give a shit.  The only reason that you knew the pictures were up is because a young lady was very proud of the works she had done.  Is that why you were so bitter just because you don't like her, or vecause you have never done anything to be proud of?  The people who liked the pictures feel free to leave support.


  1. Put them back, it is your page, your pictures and your life. Not theirs, screw them!

  2. Thanks for the support, to clarify I pulled the pictures at the request of Angela, not to placate the morals police. I actually think taking them down will irritate them more than leaving them up. Now they can't click on my page and click their tongues while shaking their heads, all the while letting everyone around know how much better they are than Angela. Their bullshit has actually hurt her feelings (congradulations assholes). Even though I own the copywrites I had promised her that I would only use the pictures where she approved as a thanks for allowing me to photograph her. Also I did not want to cause any problems with her at work. So they remain down for now.

  3. Those who made the insensitive comments should fuck off!