Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gacy House

So what happens when you cross The Blair With with Paranormal Activity?  You get Gacy House. Well what you really get is a feeling you wasted the price of a rental.  I rekaize it's a low budget but, even for low budget it's hard to forgive Gacy House.  It commits that cardinal sin for a horror movie.  It's boring.  Boring is  not good for horror. Thowing in elements of so many different films doesn't alleviate the hum drum.  Gacy house borrows liberally from Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, The Legend of Hell House, Ghost Hunters, Poltergeist and who cares how many others.  The "logic" is all over the place.  I can possibly accept that the ghsot of John Wayne Gacy, is haunting his house, maybe even that he haunts a house built on the same spot where his house used to be. Still I think asking the ghost if he killed in a specific room., that didn't even exist when he was around is kind of stupid.  Ok gacy House was kind of stupid, and very boring

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