Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kerri Kasem hates hunters

So Kerri Kasem pissed me off the other night.  I am writing a full blog post about it as my "reply" to her air headed, egotistical remarks made on air.  I also emailed Kerri, with no respinse yet, and the local radio station where the show is aired.  This is the reply I got from the station and my original E-Mail.  I am going to try and post the entire "conversaton" as this unfolds


Petersen, Paula to me

show details 8:40 AM (8 hours ago)

Thanks for your email. We appreciate your comments.

Paula Petersen


Clear Channel Mobile/Pensacola

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The Groove 1073...WNTM-AM

6485 Pensacola Boulevard

Pensacola Fl 32505

(direct) 850.549.2002

(p) 850.473.0400 ext 102

(f) 850.473.0907

From: aalbrson@gmail.com [mailto:aalbrson@gmail.com]

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:38 AM

To: Petersen, Paula

Subject: sixx sense

I have always found Nikki Sixx to be an overinflated ego maniac, and I really don’t enjoy hearing him on his show. I do love the music but find myself switching channels when Nikki starts to impart his wisdom, which I use very loosely. To here Nikki, a self proclaimed music expert, tell of how he has studied the assassination of John Lennon, yet had no clue that Mark David Chapman had just asked Lennon for an autograph is laughable (even Robot Chicken knows this just watch the Hannah Dakota episode). Still I had grown up listening to Casey Kasem, so I had some respect for Kerri until last night. She made probably the most egotistical comment I have ever heard on the show. She goes on a rant about a subject she knows nothing about other than an article she read, then insults everyone who takes offense.. her argument was wrong, she claimed she did research which is "Why I am on radio and you're not." I wont listen to the Sixth Sense anymore. She attacked every hunter in America and I believe a large part of your audience are hunters. Please remove this offensive show and force these two to get real jobs, so they can see how the real world functions

This is my reply just sent to TK101

First off I want to thank you for taking the time to open my email and copy and paste your "form" reply. I can onyl wonder if you even read it. Kerri's original comments have raised a furor in the hunting community. I do not hunt. It is a personal decision but her utter disdain for hunters and anyone beneath her is infuriating and unacceptable. I have been listenign to TK every since I discovered it after moving here in 2009. I enjoy Lex and Terry but I can listen to them online.

Once again thank you for taking the time to do the absolute minimum to address concerns of listeners

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