Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Into the maw of cinema madness

So right now I am feeling in a pretty good place. I'm even kind of updating my blog, picking around on my script and thinking about other projects.  Besides that I just feel pretty good.  So in that feeling good, I get around to what to write about next.  Lots of unwritten reviews are bouncing around in my head, should I try and put them to form in the physical world?  Most have been out a while so have no sense of urgency.  Should I watch something new or just expound on whatever bugs me?  Well right now nothing much bugs me.  Excpet I have become somewhat of a cinematic chicken.

I admit I have to be in a certian frame of mind to watch really disturbing films.  Still I have been shirking  and that's kind of  a disservice to those who actually might look to me for film advice.  I won't claim to be a real movie reviewer, I just report what I like, and why I like it.  Sometimes I lack the words to express why I like a film, sometimes I can't even conceptualize it in my head.  Am I rambling yet?  More likely dodging the issue.

So I have been avoiding watching a  couple films.  One the most notorious fim in recent times.  the other just some disturbing (in different ways) films.  Well I haven't felt like dipping into cinema insanity in a while.  Now, like I said I feel pretty good.  So I'm going to do it.

My first intent was to watch them this weekend, but it may take me a while to find some of them.  But I am going to start looking for them.  Then I will watch them.  Three films on my list to start, although if others come into my possession I will watch them.  I will add to the list as I find or remember ones.  These are three films that promise nightmares.  Not "boo" jump out nightmares of nightmares of insanity, perversion and real mental torture.  The three films, not necessarily in the order I will watch or even seek them out are:

What is it? by Crispin Glover, The Room by Tommy Wiseau, and the third, the most controversial film in the world right now.  I have seen bits of The Room, and some clips from What Is It?  Both have received critical assassianation and possibly deservedly so.  What little I have seen of The Room was absolutely horrible.  It may be the hardest one to watch.

What is it? is the controversial film by actor/director/writer Crispin Glover.  Glover cast his fillm with actors who actually have Downs Syndrome.  it is filled with visually disturbing images and scenarios.  As a friend told me "One you see it, you can't ever not see it again".

Another friend told me almost the exact same thing about the third movie.  The hands down most controversial, hotley debated movie today and possibly ever.  I think it's fair to say, the most contentious film since Cannibal Holocaust.  Like Ruggero Deodatos infamous film, criminal charges are being brought because of the film.

The film is A Serbian Film.  If you haven't heard of it, you haven't been listening very well.  The film has been investigated for charges of child pornography.  In fact it may be illegal to own, watch or show it to others.  Not that there is any actual child porn, but due to the wording of the law, over-zealous prosecuters who want to make a name for themselves, could bring charges.  In Spain they already have brought charges against a promoter for showing it at a film festival.

Legal or not the film is disturbing.  It is haunting.  Once seen it can never be unseen.  Even the idea of committing to watching this film disturbs me.  That's why it has taken me this many words to say, what could be said in one line.  I am going to watch A Serbian Film.

Three films all disturbing in different ways, for different reasons.  Any of the could scar someone for life.  I think my psyche is stable enough.  If possible I will watch all three this weekend, but I don't know if I can find What Is It and A Serbian Film by the weekend.  I think The Room should be easy to find, I do want to see it uncensored though.

Any way, I will watch these, and more.  I will try to review or at least give my opinion of them.  If nothing else I will post when I have watched them.  If the Ancient Ones take my sanity during the attempt to watch them, then I will be waiting for you on the Plains of Leng disciple.

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