Saturday, December 3, 2011

301 posts

So even though I didn't notice at the time, my last post was number 300 for my blog.  This is AMAZING! (get it?) I really didn't notice I was near a "milestone" but 300 wow.  I thought I was still in the 100s.  300 posts shows a greater committment to this blog than any other project I have ever thought up.  I guess one reason is I can leave it when I lose interest and come back with a slightly different angle.  I can go off topic and even into the Twilight Zone. 

I remember when I found I had a Google rank of 2 out of 6.  I was thrilled.  2 might sound sucky but it's better than a lot of blogs and websites I have checked.  I remember when I first noticed I was getting a lot of hits on my Nikki Aycox post. Then investigating that to find the post was on Google first page on a search for Nikki Aycox.

Then my article about the death of Lorissa McCommas got linked at and started driving huge amounts of traffic.  It was nice seeing something I wrote actually being read and people taking interest. Probably my biggest joy as a blogger was when Lorissa's friends and family started leaving comments.

Then the time I had over 1000 visitors in one 24 hour period.  That was a milestone that made me shout.  My numbers aren't nearly that high now, but they are respectible for a blog usually running between 200 and 500 a day, with vistors all over the world.

The time my friend Alicia excitedly texted me when she had recieved over 600 impressions ( think that was the number) on her blog that came from mine.  It felt so good to actually know my blog had done somethign good.

So many high points.  I have worked hard on my blog, and I have neglected it.  Hopefully it will maintain my interest enough to keep it going.  Hopefully it can do more good, greater good. I'm gonna try.  If you sat through all this check out my friends in my blog roll, and some of my older posts

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