Friday, December 9, 2011

The Wicker Tree, trailer and stills

The Wicker Tree

Pagan celebration in The Wicker Tree

Shades of the original Wicker Man in The Wicker Tree

Original title of The Wicker Tree, Cowboys for Christ
Ok if Nicholas Cage left a bad taste in your mouth that makes you cringe everytime you hear The Wicker Man mentioned, maybe this can take it out.  Robin Hardy is about to bring a followup to the classic, and IMO the on Wicker Man to the big screen.  The Wicker Tree is based on book, Cowboys For Christ by Hardy and features Christopher Lee.  I haven't read to much in this beacuse I want to see it frsh and cold as possible.  I have seen the trailer and it looks very interesting.  Check it out for yourself.  Just released.

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