Saturday, December 3, 2011

Miley's nipples

So my little play blog "Miley's legal" just had it's adsense ads pulled because I had a picture of a "nipple slip" by little Ms Cyrus.  Now I still have some respect for Miley, and thus vicariously for her nipples.  She hasn't yet suck to the level of Lindsey, or had a total meltdown like Britney.  As far as I know she hasn't sold governement secrets to the Russians, or the Isreali's, or even the Ohians.  Thus neither Miley or her nipples are traitors. Yes, Miley and her nipples are patriotic, red, white and blue. Welll actually from that nip slip it looks like Miley's nipples are kind of reddish brown, but that's close enough.

Due to me losing my adsense ads on Mileys Legal because of Miley's nipples, you will never see a picture of Miley's nipples here on The Dark Domain.  This is a no nipple zone, especially in respect to Miley's nipples.  Billy Ray, if you want to show yours, call me.

Now some may say I am a perv for ever posting a picture of Miley's nipples.  I say it's her fault for having nipples.  Also if she showed them more often it wouldn't be news worthy enough for me to post a picture of said nipples.  Do I feel guilty or evil for posting a picture of Miley's nipples?  Hell No, I'm not the one who pulled her bikini top off while out in the open.  I didn't even take the picture of Miley's nipples.  I would have gotten a clearer picture if I had.  Still a nipple is a nipple and it is plainly Miley's nipple in the picture.  Unless someone else's nipple was hiding in her top.  Wilmar Valdarama (whatever) perhaps?  He seems to like underage girls.  He was tagging Lindsey when she was 17.  Can you say statutory rap Fez?  Might not be his nipples but he has probably been in Miley's bikini (<--satire first amendment and all).  So don't look here for Miley's nipples.  Look in her bikini, look on her breast, look in Colin Farrel's mouth (<-satire again), but dont look here.  Yes we haz no nipples, especially of the Miley variety

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