Sunday, April 3, 2016

Will the Walking Dead Survive Post Negan

So, I'm not the biggest fan of the Walking Dead, but I can't deny it's impact on pop culture. I also can't deny or ignore that tonight's episode has fans on the edge of their seat, and it's still hours away from airing as I write this. This is the night, that they introduce the biggest, baddie of the series, Negan.

Everyone is expecting a major character, most likely Glenn or Daryl to bite the bat tonight. Or possible their will be a cliff hanger and not croak till October. I think this is very likely, and also a shitty way for the filmmakers to treat their loyal fans. Thousands may riot if Daryl dies, at least that's what they scream, in all caps, on social media.

Topless Lauren Cohan of the Walking Dead
Why I still watch the Walking Dead

But beyond who will die, there is another question. Will the Walking Dead, the show itself survive Negan? In the comics life goes on. People live, people die and new threats arise. But the war with Negan lingers on in the comics for a while.  It does end though, and the survivors settle down in Alexandria for several years.

This presents quite a change in dynamics for the show. The survivors have never stayed in one place long. The prison latest the longest but there was constant threat from the Governor looming, not to mention walkers, prisoners, and the flu. Now, following the comics, the survivors, minus possibly several loved characters, are stuck in one spot for years. Exploring the exciting world between cities.

Will fans stay behind a show that is basically a post apocalyptic Mayberry RFD? Well hopefully not that slow, but the show has been mostly about a group on the run. Nowhere is safe. After Negan they find safety, if it continues to follow the comics.

sexy Lauren Cohan in underwear
Seriously, this is why I watch the Walking Dead

There are options for the Walking Dead. They could time skip, which I think the comics do, till the next threat. It gives them time to let Judith grow, and bring in new characters. It gives them time to greive and move on. But it also brings them closer to keeping up with the comics and possibly running ahead of it. A lot of the television walking dead fans still don't read the comics so that shouldn't hurt too bad. But a major change in theme, coupled with the loss of one or more beloved characters, could, maybe cause a major down swing in ratings.  Even if the Dixon Vixens don't riot.

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