Thursday, June 3, 2010

Horror Hottie Tiffany Shepis

seductive Tiffany Shepis
The last great American Scream Queen Ms Tiffany Shepis!!!   A true Horror hottie she loves B  and low budget horror. No prudee when it comes to showing off her body, including one of the most bodacious booties you will ever be priviliged to see.  She has been in movies such as Scarecrow, Nightmare Man, Abminable and many, many others.  A complete filmograpy would probably take up a couple of pages.  She is a treat to meet in person.  I don't think you can find a more fan friendly celebrity.  Enjoy!
Tiffany Shepis in lingerie autographed picture

Tiffany Shepis from Nightmare Man autogrpahed

Ms Ghetto Booty

Lord Dixie and Tiffany Shepis at Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Con in Nashville

Me and Tiffany

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