Saturday, June 19, 2010


One of the best of the American remakes of a foreign horror film is Quarantine.  Quarantine is fairly faithful to it's Spanish predecessor although it does have a different motive for the outbreak.  A motive that is not as fully explained as in the original.  If you are not a fan of shaky cam it's a good bet you wont be a big fan of Quarantine.  Seeing it in the theater gave me a pretty good headache.  The effect isn't nearly as migraine inducing on the small screen.  I really can't bring any major faults to bear on the film.  Quarantine is a strong film with a capable cast lead by Jennifer Carpenter.  Carpenter is probably best known as Deb Morgan on Dexter.  Jay Hernandez of Hostel plays one of the firefighters.  While Carpenter's hysterics get a bit annoying near the end, I found them realistic under the circumstances she was in.  Seeing clips may lead you to think of her as a weak character, but she isn't.  Her role is a strong character, way out of her league and in a hopeless situation.  My only real bitch is that the promo poster and trailer give away too much.  I won't spoil it by saying more about it.  Still, while I really enjoyed Quarantine, I liked REC better.  Pretty much everything I liked in Quarantine, I liked better in REC.  The lead actress was more believable and personable as a TV host and the background cast seems less like actors and more like people filmed for a news crew.  The people in REC just looked, and behaved, more like I would expect people to look on a broadcast from a disaster.  That being said I highly recommend Quarantine, but watch REC first.

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