Monday, June 28, 2010

ten most disturbing horror films of all time

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

1. Martyrs- This French horror film is one of the most brutal films I have ever see. One of the things that makes it so brutal is the reality of it all. Very little of what we see in Martyrs is outside the realm of possibility. The film resolves around Ana and Lucia, two childhood friends tormented by Lucia's past. Things start out bad and only get worse. Is the creature tormenting Lucia really only in her mind? As brutal as the film is throughout, the last twenty minutes or so is almost unbearable as Lucia's past catches up with Ana. The ending is as bleak as a film has ever been. It was originally rated 18+ the equivalent of a X or NC-17 rating in the US. On appeal it was changed to a 16.

2. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer -The film that made Michael Rooker a star was based in large part on the real life killings of drifter Henry Lee Lucas. The film is so disturbing that even co star Tom Towles has only seen it once. The world of Henry is a bleak cold world. No policeman is ever seen on camera which was done on purpose to help preserve the idea that Henry and Otis lived in a lawless world. What makes it disturbing? The brutality of the murders, especially the home invasion scene, as well as the overall bleak atmosphere. At the Telluride festival an audience member reportedly went up to the director and complained "You can't do that," referring to the fact that Henry escapes justice in the film. It was originally given an X rating by the MPAA and is one of the films responsible for the creation of the NC-17 rating.

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