Saturday, July 31, 2010

Horror hottie Devon Aoki

OK so Sin City wasn't really a horror movie, but it was a great film by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.  Robert is a horror vet having directed From Dusk til Dawn, The Faculty and Planet Terror.  Frank is a legendary comic artist and is popular among horror fans.  One of the coolest characters in the Sin City graphic novels is deadly little Miho.  Miho is a pint sized bundle of roller skating, shurkin tossing death and reminded me a little of Miller's most famous creation, Elektra.  Devon Aoki has a very unique look which everyone might not find hot, but I do and that is why she is here.  Hope you enjoy these.

naked Devon Aoki with a snake

sexy Devon AokiDevon Aoki in bikini


  1. hello devon aoki ur looking very inocent figer ok

  2. my goodness, she's sooo incredibly hot, it's amazing!

  3. those fotos were taken over 10 years ago. stop dreaming!

  4. Actually I don't know exactly when those pictures were taken but then neither do you anonymous. One picture was from the movie DOA, whci was released in 2008 although shot earlier it was NOT shot in 2001 which means it is not "over ten years ago" She started modeling when she was 13 which was over ten years ago and in fact would have turned 18 "over ten years ago" so it's possible that two of the pictures could be that old. However you insinuate that all the fotos were taken over ten years ago, which only proves 1. You don't know shit. 2. You can't spell and or think you are hip. 3. You have no grasp of logic as your statement is stupid. The date they were taken has no effect as to whether I am, or am not dreaming. Oh yes the letter "t" in those and "s" in stop should be capitalized. The number ten (10) should be spelt not written as numerals. So basically I'm saying you are an idiot anonymous. Please post under your real name next time

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