Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 Lesser Known Vampire Films

The whole world seems to be a buzz in vampire fever right now. Most of this current admiration of anything undead is due to the Twilight phenomenon. While hard core horror and vampire movie fans for the most part shun the Twilight series, its impact cannot be denied. It has awoken a bloodlust for vampires. Store shelves are filled will re releases of classic (and not so classic) vampire movies setting side by side with Twilight. To find classics like Martin and Jess Franco's Dracula on Wal-Mart shelves is pure heaven to a horror fan. The first twilight sequel, New Moon, will likely have a similar effect on werewolf films as it hits the video shelves. True most of these vampire films have little in common with Twilight and most fans of Edward Cullen would cringe at some of them, and run screaming from others. Still this availability is one of the few good things to come out of Twilight for the true horror fan. hopefully some of the twilight fans will have a look at them and develop a fondness for films a little less mainstream. With all this in mind, here is a list of some of the best lesser known ( at least to the general public) vampire films.

Love at First Bite- A 1979 comedy horror that starred the tanned George Hamilton asCount Dracula. Finally tiring of the pitchfork and torch crowd, and being evicted by the communist leaders of Romania, Dracula moves to New York in the height of disco fever. Here he falls in love with model Susan St James, who just happens to be dating a descendant of Dr. Van Helsing. What a coincidence! With Richard Benjamin as Van Helsing's grandson and a hilarious Arte Johnson as Renfield, this is a movie definitely worth checking out. Look for a cameo by George and Weezie Jefferson.
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