Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recent Films books and quick reviews

Instead of trying to write anything deep, I thought I would just recap and mini review some of the films I have seen and books I have recently read.

Peacock- Stars Cillian Murphy, Susan Sarandon and Ellen Page.  This film reminds me a lot of Psycho although it plays the split personality a little more realistically.  Great acting from the cast as you would expect and a very interesting yet dark film.  Not overly gory or scary but you wont walk away from this one smiling.  It ends abruptly and with a lingering sense of despair

Triangle-  I generally stay away from movies dealing with the Bermuda triangle because, well they all start to look the same after a while.  I bit my tongue though and  took a chance on Triangle and don't feel like I wasted a rental.  You will think you have it all figured out early on but will probably be a little shocked at the last change in direction.  It's not really a twist because you can tell where the film is going once it turns that corner and it doesn't  feel cheap. It feel like this is the direction the director was headed for all along and not juts a cheap gimmick to surprise the audience.

The Descent 2-  No where near as strong as the first film but for a DTV sequel it isn't all bad.  The film is aided by the return of Sarah and Juno. It lacks that spirit of bonding and friendship, but  that was pretty much torn asunder in the first film.  We do see Sarah acting to redeem herself for leaving Juno and coming to terms with Juno's betrayal.  The film is hurt by having Sarah suffer from amnesia for way to deep into the movie thus reducing her from the strong woman in the first film to near helpless.  Probably the worst thing about this film is the ending.  The director should literally be taken out and beaten for adding the "twist" at the end.  Seriously beaten.

A Mexican Werewolf in Texas-  OK with a title like that I hope you weren't expecting a movie along the lines of one by Peter Jackson or Guillermo Del Torro.  Still for cheap, low budget fodder it was OK I guess.  I do feel a little cheated since apparently the monster was a chupracobra and not a real werewolf,  there is no truth to the rumors this was going to be A Mexican Werewolf  in Arizona until the new immigration laws were passed.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake)-  The biggest and sadly the worst film I have seen recently.  This movie was just boring.  Very few scares and the cast other than Jackie Earle Halley was entirely forgettable.  Unlike heather Langenkamp, ten years from now no one will remember who played Nancy in this one.

On the book side I finished reading The Rising by Brian Keene last week.  Mr Keene impresses me more with each book I read.  I admit I had been avoiding this book because I am a traditional ( read Romero) zombie fan.  Still this is worth leaving your zombie comfort zone.  Now if I can just find a copy of the sequel.

Right now I am readingI, Lucifer by Glen Duncan.  It is a fictional autobiography of Old Nick himself.  Its funny, witty, insightful and confusingly schizophrenic.  I am still not sure if that is what the author is intending or just his style. 

Ok it is late and my bed is calling.  Hoping to write a full review fro Nightmare this week if at all possible.  Till then keep checking under the bed and keep your toes under the cover.

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