Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baghead - Theatrical Trailer

BagheadI went into one of the locla Subway sandwich shops this week. I was wearing one of my Horrorfind Weekend shirts, which I do regularly, as I was checking out the lady behind the counter asked " Do you like Horror films?" I braced myself as having heard this asked so many times it can go many ways. Very rarely it is a kindred soul, more often here in the deep south it comes with a look of revulsion that implies they will feel better when you exit the premises. Well this was closer to the former, she was at leasta casula horror fan who had recently seen Quarentine. I bit back my tongue to stop from trying to start a discussion about how Quarrentine was good but Rec was better. She told me about a trailer she had seen and apparently was not on the rental of Quarfentine or I just missed it)of a film called Baghead. So I went home and looked it up and it looks interesting. Lower budget comedy horror that looks to have some serious scares. Check out the trailer

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