Saturday, May 22, 2010

George Romero to remake Deep Red

According to variety magazine, George Romero is in “advanced negotiation to direct a 3-D remake of Dario Argento’s Deep Red. The screen play is being written by Dario’s brother Claudio, who also is co producer. Dario reportedly has no involvement with the script.

The two directors have a long relationship with each other and honestly if the film has to be remade, then I’d guess George is the man to do it. However I despise remakes in general and Argento’s work will be extremely hard to do properly in my opinion.

Argento’s film are a product of that era, a era that is no longer her or in vogue with the movie going audience. I simply cannot see an English language version of Deep Red playing in America if it is faithful to the original. I can see George trying to make a good film I just don’t think the studio will let him. If it is faithful, I don’t see American audiences rushing to see it. I could be wrong and hope I am for Romero’s sake.

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