Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Machete: The film the fans demanded

Robert Rodriguez Brings the Machete Character to the Big Screen in a Full Length Feature Film

Machete is the newest project from Robert Rodriguez. Calling it new is a bit of a misnomer though since the idea of Machete has been around since the 90s. The character of Machete first appeared in the movie Spy Kids where he was played by actorDanny Trejo. Trejo returns to play the lead in Machete.

The plot of Machete revolves around a Mexican day laborer turned assassin. It just so happens that this is not just any day laborer, but a former Mexican federale. Machete is hired to assassinate a crooked senator but find him self set up and double crossed. Surviving the ambush he sets out for revenge. The bad guys soon find out. To quote the tag line, "They f**ked with the wrong Mexican!"

Even though the first appearance of Machete was in Spy Kids, Rodriguez admits that the idea of a Mexican day laborer, moon lighting as a hit man has been around longer than that. He wrote the original screenplay for machete in 1993. Bits and pieces of the Machete screenplay have worked into several of his films, including Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Danny Trejo is a Rodriguez regular. He has appeared not only in Spy Kids but also in From Dusk Till Dawn and its sequels, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in the Mexico, and Grindhouse. It seems only natural that he would reprise the role he originated in the Machete feature film.

This will be the first leading role for the recognizable character actor and honestly its about time. Trejo has paid his dues appearing in literally scores of lower budget films and making frequent appearances in more well known projects. Know mostly for work in action and horror films he recently stepped away from the genre for a role in the drama Sherry Baby

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  1. This trailer brings so many tears of joy to my eyes. Did you no I am Belarusian but also half Mexican? It is true. And today is such a special day for all of a Mexicans. It is a Cinco of the Mayo when everyone in a world gets so drunk and celebrates how all the Mexicans kick the sh*t out of Spain so they can make there own country that is so awesome and has so many sweet kidnappings and murders and povertys that everyone wants to leave and be in a USA. VIVA MEXICO!!!